Friday, April 6, 2012

August 2011 Trip Report, Day 5

The fifth day of our August trip was the third day of our Dream cruise, and this was our day at sea.  On Disney cruises, days at sea are the only days that brunch is offered at Palo, one of the adult-only restaurants on the ships.  Since our sailing had only one day at sea, we were lucky to get a reservation for this brunch.

I have so many photos of our brunch at Palo that I'd like to do a full post reviewing the meal in the future.  In the meantime, here's a photo of the different brunch pizza options, to make you a little hungry...

Pizza display at Palo brunch
Artwork in Remy looks like a window to the kitchen in Ratatouille
After a delicious and filling brunch with James and my parents, we asked if we could walk next door and check out Remy, the other adult-only restaurants on the Dream.  I did a full review of our dinner at Remy, which would occur later in the week, here.  We took some pictures at Remy and marveled at all the understated Ratatouille accents.  I couldn't wait until we got to eat dinner there.

The suite has its own huge balcony with private hot tub
Next, we were lucky enough to see the Roy Disney suite, one of the two "category 1" staterooms on the Disney Dream.  A client of our travel agent's was staying here and offered his room up for a short time to be toured by the travel agent and his other clients. The suite was amazing.  It was huge, and the balcony was far larger than I could have imagined.  Surprisingly, the category 1 suites on the Dream only sleep four people however, I believe.  Regardless, it certainly made it hard to go back to our category 10 room.

Royal Palace bread basket
We spent the rest of the afternoon on our sea day relaxing, enjoying the activities, and especially enjoying the adult pool area, the Quiet Cove, until it was time for our formal night dinner at Royal Palace.  Again, as I've said in the past two installments, I hope to do a full review of our dinner at Royal Palace in a future post.  In the meantime, I have to say that we were very lucky to get Royal Palace as our dining rotation for formal night.  It was what we were hoping for, since the Royal Palace atmosphere seemed the best for the formal attire.

After dinner, as anyone who has taken a Disney Cruise knows, it was time for the show that always takes place on formal nights: the Golden Mickeys!  This is a stage show that essentially starts as an award show gone wrong.  The host is nowhere to be found, and the shy stage manager is forced to host the show... oh no!  I won't spoil the ending for you, but I'm sure you can imagine that everything turns out alright.  I love the Golden Mickeys, and it's always a must-see on a Disney Cruise for me.

That night, we spent it as we did every other night... exploring the ship, taking part in the many fun activities, and enjoying the District.  The cruise was turning out to be a great time!

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