Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Remy

Bam!  I bet you weren't expecting this one, huh?  I'm not sure if I'm back for good, but since I've been kind of obsessing over Disney lately, I thought I'd pop in and write something.  And this is a big something that I'd been meaning to share with people who care for a long time!  Remy!  For those of you who don't know, Remy is one of the two adult only specialty restaurants on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy cruise ships (the other being Palo).  This is the more elegant/fine of the two specialty restaurants, and as such, it's $75 per person (plus tip).  But it was certainly worth it.  Hang on for a long post, folks, because I have many pictures and rave reviews to share from this dining experience.

Remy chair detail
I came into Remy a little nervous because I am a picky eater, and I've never had a fine dining experience.  But relative to land, $75 per person is nothing for a meal like this, so I booked the dinner and hoped for the best.  We dressed nice (it is a fancy restaurant after all), and we headed over to the restaurant on one of the top decks at our assigned time.  Check in for both Remy and Palo is in front of the Meridian bar, in which you can wait while your table is being readied.  We were seated about ten minutes after we checked in, and the restaurant was nearly empty.  Each table is seated only once per night, and at staggered times.  The restaurant never feels overly crowded, and we had a great table by the window.  I was given a lovely red rose at the table, a white napkin to match my dress, and a small stool on which to place my bag and camera.  Great service!

If the menu hasn't changed in style (I'm certain it's changed in exact dishes, at least somewhat), there were two ways of selecting how to order.  One can either order each dish individually, or one can order one of the two five-course "tasting menus."  The saveur menu is considered the French one, and the gout menu is considered the American one.  Since we were a party of two, our waiter suggested we order one of each tasting menu, so we can try each dish.  We agreed, and I ordered the American menu for myself. My dinner date ordered the French menu.

Before we even had the chance to order, however, we were treated to complimentary pre-dinner cocktails.  I honestly can't remember what was in either, but I remember mine was non-alcoholic (I was 19 at the time), fruity, and absolutely delicious.  I didn't try the alcoholic version, but it looked good.  The alcoholic cocktail was called the Colette, after the character in Remy... sweet but a little tart, if I remember correctly.  We were offered additional cocktails/wine or sparkling/bottled water at an additional cost, but we decided to stick with the "Disney water," since it was free.

Jamon Wrapped Shrimp
Langoustine Royale

Our first course arrived after a small appetizer compliments of the chef (a small breaded crouton-type thing with tomato sauce inside, I didn't snap of picture of that one).  I had shrimp wrapped in ham, and my date had lobster.  Both were delicious, and this was around the point when we realized that we were both pleased with the menus we had chosen, and we didn't really desire to do much sharing.

Tomato Ratatouille
Asperge Verte
The asparagus was an exception however.  Although I'm not a huge asparagus fan, I like it.  This asparagus, however, I could have eaten all day long.  It was on top of a black truffle sauce and topped with a white truffle sauce... so good!  On the American menu, I had tomato ratatouille... also delicious!  Can't go wrong with the dish so popular, a movie was named after it!

Duck Breast

Sea Bass Atlantique
Our third course was duck three ways for me and Atlantic sea bass for my date.  I don't eat much seafood, so I was very pleased with my choice of menu at this point.  I am told, however, that the bass was delicious.  I quite enjoyed my duck as well, which was surprising to me because it's not something that I generally eat.  I wish I remembered the three ways that the duck was prepared (I should have taken better notes!), but I do remember that the type on the left was my favorite.  Also the type in the middle was a kind of duck sausage.

Australian Wagyu Tenderloin

Poularde Rotie
Next was the course I had been waiting for all along.  The Wagyu beef!  With delicious potatoes!  Wagyu beef is a type of awesome beef from, in this case, Australia.  And it was everything I had dreamed of and more.  So delicious!  On the French menu, the fourth course item was "poularde rotie," which is a fancy French way of saying chicken.  Also delicious, but not as good as my beef.  And don't think you're going to be getting one bite of it!

Up next was the cheese course.  I'm no cheese connoisseur, but our waiter described each and every cheese to us.  He then let us/helped us choose based on what we told him we liked.  I honestly wasn't a fan of any of the cheese, but hey, I have the palette of a seven year old.  It was a lovely experience nonetheless!

Tanzanie Chocolate
Vacherin Framboise
At long last, dessert came along, and once again I was pleased with the results of the American menu.  Chocolate mousse!  Ice cream!  Chocolate!  Yum!  The French menu had a type of raspberry cake, which I'm sure was also delicious.  But I was too busy trying to stuff my face with a super rich chocolate mousse.  I could barely get down half of the mousse before it was just too rich for me to handle.  In a good way!  And just when we thought we were done, we weren't!  In addition to the desserts on the menu, our waiter brought out two tins of different types of handmade candies.  From marshmallows to lollipops to chocolate truffles, I was in heaven.
Candy tin number one

Remy was an unforgettable dinner experience, especially out on the open seas on a Disney Cruise.  In my opinion, it was well worth the $75 per person, and anyone who has the opportunity to do it, should.  Save up the money if you must; it's a once in a lifetime kinda meal!  At least it was to poor, college student me!  The atmosphere was awesome, and it was nice to be away from the kids and the chaos and have some quiet adult time.  The service was also amazing; our waiter didn't even get a second table until we were about halfway through our meal!

Candy tin number two
Which reminds me, it is important to note that this is a dining experience, not a quick dinner.  The whole thing lasted about three hours for us, though it didn't seem to drag at all.  The more courses you order, the longer it will take, and I recommend ordering as many courses as they'll allow.  You're paying one price either way!

And spoiler alert: if you don't mind a nice surprise being stolen, when we arrived back at our stateroom after dinner, there was a thank you note and a small box of chocolates waiting for us.  Thanks, Remy!

Have you been to Remy on the Dream?  Planning to visit on an upcoming Dream or Fantasy cruise?  Loved it?  Hated it?  Too surprised that I even wrote this blog to speak?  I can't blame you, but if you have any feedback, leave a comment, send a tweet (@amandaenchanted), or write on our Facebook page!