Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: La Cantina de San Angel

For those of you who aren't aware, I loooove Mexican food (also, I'm still alive! sorry for taking so long between posts!).  So naturally, I had to try the (then relatively) new Cantina de San Angel on my birthday back in January.  Full disclaimer: I had never been to the old Cantina, though I had been to the San Angel Inn.

We were on the dining plan, so James and I both were able to order one entree, one non-alcoholic beverage, and one dessert each.  We both ordered the Tacos de Carne and a soda, but James ordered the lemon Paleta for dessert.  I had the churros con cajeta, of course.  Claro que si.  (Okay, I'll try not to get all Espanol on you guys.)  We ate lunch around 11:30, and it wasn't too busy.  There was only one family in front of us on line, and soon we were ordered and scanned through and waiting for our food. 

I grabbed a table, while James waited for our food.  In a few minutes, we were reunited, and I went to get some utensils and salsa.  For those who haven't been, La Cantina has salsa dispensers like most restaurants have ketchup dispensers.  There were two types, and I took a little cup of both back to the table.  The Tacos de Carne weren't quite what I expected, but they were quite good!  I think I was expecting Chipotle or Taco Bell style steak chunks, but this was more of a shredded beef.  Plus the tortillas it came on were soft and delicious!  Add the pico de gallo and some of the salsa we got from the dispenser, and it was delicioso! 

Now as I said, James and I got different desserts, and I think we had different satisfaction levels.  James isn't big into churros, so he got the lemon paleta.  It was basically a lemon popsicle from Mexico, and he didn't think it was anything special.  I, on the other hand, loved my churros!  They came with cajeta, which is caramel sauce.  I love churros period, but add more sugary goodness, and I was in heaven!

Overall, I really liked La Cantina, and I would love to return.  But as far as I saw, all the seating was outdoors.  This was not a problem in January, but it may be one in August.  This is a favorable maybe for our upcoming trip!

Have you been to La Cantina since it was refurbished?  What did you think?  What did you order?  Let me know your thoughts on this restaurant in a comment, on Twitter (@amandaenchanted), or on Facebook! 


  1. Thanks for the review! We just switched an ADR to the other new table service there, to watch Wishes on our trip in December. I'm really excited!

  2. We have an ADR to eat at the table service in August! I'm excited!

  3. I love Italian food. It was a great day.