Friday, April 1, 2011

First Birthday and the Year in Review

If only I could put these ears on the blog!
This is no April Fool's joke!  The Disney College Blog was actually started on April 1st, 2010.  In fact, if you're feeling really sentimental, you can read the very first post here.  Originally I started the blog for fellow college students, but it has grown to be a blog for any Disney fan, regardless of age!  In honor of the first birthday of the blog, I want to give a little "year in review" to show what has happened in the past 365 days...

Since the creation of the Disney College Blog:
  • There have been over 100 posts on this blog, including dining reviews, opinion pieces, and my newest segment, Wordless Wednesdays.
  • I created the @discollegeblog Twitter account and have over 900 followers.
  • I created the Disney College Blog Facebook account and over 100 people "liked" it.
  • I have taken two trips to Walt Disney World, during both of which I was much more knowledgeable than any previous trips.
  • I have met a bunch of amazing people, both in person and online, who I can really relate to and talk to about anything.
  • I started a new podcast with some great friends that I love talking to each week.
  • People actually read what I write each week, and they actually care!
For each person who has ever read this blog, commented on this blog, shown support to me in any way, or tweeted at me even once, I am thankful for you.  This blog, and my internet presence in general, couldn't exist without feedback from all of you.  I am glad to call you my friends, and I am glad that for 365 days, I have been able to keep this blog going.  Here's to 365 more!

In honor of the first birthday of this site, I'd like to get a conversation going in the comments.  What was your favorite post, thing about the site, moment you had with me on Twitter or in person or however in the past year?  I'd love to hear from you, either here or on Twitter!  Maybe we can use the hashtag #dcbturnsone.


  1. Personally, some of my favorite posts on the blog have been the trip reports (or at least those were certainly the easiest to write) or the ones where I asked for people's opinions on various matters. I love to hear what others have to say!

  2. I am going to disney world for the first time with my family so I also like the trip reports. You write them with your experiences of a real person, not like a guide book. The way you write, I feel like you are a friend that I know so thanks for your honest feedback!

  3. Thanks! I'm glad you feel like you can trust me as a blogger. =) That's always what I'm going for. If there are any topics in particular you ever want me to blog about, you can always let me know via Twitter or email!

  4. You are a gifted blogger. The use of pictures really brings your blog to life. Keep up the great work from your Canadian friends!

  5. Happy blog birthday! I love hearing about trips without kids - it's so kid to find a niche with younger Disney fans. :) Your January trip was so much fun to read about!

  6. Thank you so much, anonymous commenter! =P It really does mean a lot to me. =)

    Thanks Jessica! I'm glad you enjoy reading!

  7. OK, Anonymous is not what I was going for :-). It is JL - TheLodgeGuy on Twitter. Great blog - Please keep up the great work.