Monday, April 4, 2011

Epcot's Mini Attractions, Volume 2

Do you remember my post a few weeks back highlighting a few of Epcot's mini-attractions?  If not, check it out!  When I wrote that one, I realized that Epcot had far too many fun things to do to put all in one post, so now I present the second portion!  Mini-attractions 1, 2, and 3 were the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and the Seas pavilion, so for this post, we'll start at...

 4. Segway Trials
Last August, James and I took a Segway tour around World Showcase.  I highly recommend the tour, but many people don't know that you can actually try riding a Segway in Innoventions for free (at least last that I heard)!  Yes, you read that correctly.  If you go to Innoventions after 11am (I believe), you can actually try a Segway!  I'm pretty certain that there are age and possibly other restrictions to this, but it's still a really cool thing many people aren't aware of.  Maybe it'll convince you to try one of the awesome Segway tours that Disney offers, or maybe you'll just try it and go along with your day, but regardless... everyone wants to try a Segway, right?  To try one out, check out Segway Central in Innoventions West.  It's the same area where guests on Segway tours learn to use them!

5. Don't Waste It!
One of James' and my favorite mini-attractions in Epcot is also in Innoventions, this time in East.  Don't Waste It! is a fun little activity sponsored by Waste Management.  It's similar to the Great Piggy Bank Adventure that I mentioned in Volume 1, but this time you get a mini garbage truck instead of a little pig friend.  First you start at a station and answer some questions to determine approximately how much trash you use in a year.  Then you get your mini pushable garbage truck, and you are off to the next station.  You dock your truck at each station to play the game, the first of which is Sort It Out.  At this station, each member of your family (up to four) is in front of a screen, and you need to recycle some of your trash.  For example, if James is doing glass and I'm doing paper, we each have to put the appropriate trash in our bins.  Next you head to Fuel the Burn.  Here you have to fuel a waste-to-energy plant by fueling the fire with the appropriate amount of wet or dry trash.  And finally, at the Landfill Up station, you can choose to turn your trash landfill into a golf course, a ballpark, or a wildlife preserve, and you must properly layer your trash and landfill cover materials to produce your final product.  This mini-attraction is a lot of fun, and it's very educational for younger guests.  I would say it's at a similar caliber to the Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and almost everyone would like it!

James with a tiny Club Cool cup
6. Club Cool
This is an awesome mini-attraction at Epcot, suggested by reader Christine Hardenberger.  For anyone who has never been, Club Cool is essentially one big Coca Cola advertisement, but in a good way.  It has many soda flavors from around the world, and you can sample them in little cups.  Interestingly Club Cool is in Future World instead of World Showcase, but we'll ignore that.  Aside from the free soda samples, Club Cool doesn't offer much except a bunch of Coke merchandise, but honestly the free soda samples are enough to bring me in almost every time I visit Epcot.  Especially if it's hot!  One of my favorites is the Kinley Lemon soda from Israel, and if you haven't, try the Beverly... it's delicious! 

And that concludes my favorite of Epcot's mini-attractions.  Do you think I can do this for other parks?  Let me know what you think of my favorites, let me know your favorites in Epcot, and let me know if you have any suggestions of mini-attractions in the other parks!  If I decide to do a similar series for them, you will most definitely be shouted out!  You can leave suggestions and opinions in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. Great article! The only restrictions I know of for the Segway are you must be over 16 - with valid driver's license - and 250lbs or under to ride.

    We *heart* Club Cool and Beverly is a must-try!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, those were the restrictions I thought too. You also have to be over 100 pounds, at least for the Segway tours.

  3. Club Cool is still my favorite and I am obsessed with Lemon Kinley! Sadly, you can't get it anywhere in the US.

    I, too, have taken the Segway Tours but didn't know about the trial. That's awesome!

  4. Aww, I wish you could get Lemon Kinley in the US!

  5. Club Cool is one our must dos. I just avoid the Beverly. Yuck!

  6. Lol, I know, Club Cool is the best!