Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: Yachtsman Steakhouse

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a picky eater.  I don't eat fancy, and I'm definitely a steak and potatoes kind of girl.  So when we were looking for ADRs to make for our January trip, I knew I wanted a great steak.  Enter Yachtsman Steakhouse.  I knew it was a signature restaurant, but we had the dining credits to spare.  Also, it was our birthday trip, and I wanted it to be as special as possible.  It so was.

It's not always easy getting to the Yacht Club from another resort if you don't have a car.  We chose to take the bus to Hollywood Studios and then the Friendship Boat to the Yacht Club.  If my knee was feeling better, we might have walked.  It's quite a nice walk along the water if your legs aren't tired or in pain.  I love the Friendship Boats, but they are SLOW.  After what seemed like forever, we finally made it to the Yacht Club and found our way to the restaurant.

When we were seated, we were surprised and happy to find that we had special menus that said "Happy Birthday!"  And we were encouraged to keep them!  I was also excited when our waiter told us that since we were on the dining plan, virgin strawberry daiquiris were included as a nonalcoholic beverage.  Naturally, I ordered one.  For dinner, James ordered a Lobster Bisque appetizer and the 24 ounce Porterhouse steak.  I decided to skip an appetizer, and I went with the 8 ounce filet mignon.  Our waiter called it the "lady steak."  Which was very true in my case.

James' 24 ounce Porterhouse
We were started off with onion bread and butter while we waited for James' appetizer, and I must say, I was obsessed with this bread.  I had way more than I should have, and as a result, I was only able to eat about half of my steak when it came.  It was just so good!  I couldn't stop eating it.   Soon James' soup came, and I was a little nervous about the decision because James has a history of not liking soups at Walt Disney World.  Amazingly, he was very pleased with his lobster bisque.  Soon, he was done, and we were ready for our entrees.
My 8 ounce filet mignon
Although we had to laugh at the size difference between James' and my steaks, they were both delicious.  James ate most of his, and I ate about half of mine.  I joked that we could get a 24 ounce next time, and I could eat two ounces, and James could eat the rest.  I wouldn't say it was the best steak I've had at Walt Disney World (I'm looking at you New York Strip from Le Cellier), but it really was excellent.  I honestly don't remember the potatoes, but I'm sure they were good as well.  I probably didn't have room for any more carbs after eating all that darn onion bread.
My first creme brulee ever!
After we were done with our entrees, we were given a dessert menu, and I decided I wanted to be a little adventurous and try something I had never eaten before.  (Dessert is the best time to be adventurous because it's basically always yummy.)   I decided I wanted to try creme brulee, since I had never eaten it before.  I didn't even really know what it was, but I knew people liked it.  I figured it was worth a try.  The creme brulee was awesome!  I actually had two more creme brulees in Walt Disney World after that night as a result of this creme brulee.  I am officially a creme brulee fangirl.  (I didn't take a picture of what James got for dessert, so I don't know what it was.  I'm sure it was good though!)  And of course, Yachtsman couldn't forget about our birthdays, so they brought us cupcakes in addition to our regular desserts.  The plates said "Happy Birthday!" in this chocolate powder stuff.  So awesome, though I didn't have room for the cupcake after the creme brulee.

Overall, we really liked Yachtsman Steakhouse, and I would definitely go back.  I think it's worth two dining credits, especially if you get the 24 ounce steak.  No matter how much you can eat, you won't leave hungry!  And get the creme brulee!  For the current dinner menu, click here.
Have you ever eaten at Yachtsman Steakhouse?  If so, what did you order, and how did you like it?  If not, what's keeping you away?  Let me know your thoughts on this signature restaurant in a comment,  a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook! 


  1. Thanks for sharing about the Yachtsman! We've yet to eat there - I tend to skip Signature restaurants since DH isn't an adventurous eater & we usually bring 8yo DD - but it looks like we're going to have to make an exception here.

    Have you tried the steak at Kona? AWESOME! Better than Le Cellier, I think.

  2. I have tried the steak at Kona, but I think Le Cellier and Yachtsman both beat it!

  3. Oh that creme brulee sounds AMAZING. Yum!