Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthdays at the World

To be completely honest, there is nothing more exciting than being in the most magical place on earth on your birthday!  Before this trip, I vaguely remember going to Walt Disney World around age nine or ten for my birthday, but I didn't remember any details.  Nevertheless, I knew that my birthday would be an absolute blast.

One of the best things about celebrating anything at Disney is that you could do it for the whole week.  I wore my birthday pin every day on our trip.  Even if you're not at the parks on your specific date of birth, you can fudge the date a little bit and wear your pin anyway.  Which brings me to the most important thing about celebrating your birthday at Walt Disney World: get a birthday pin.  

If you love your birthday, then you will love having a birthday pin.  Tens or even hundreds of people per day will wish you a happy birthday.  They are usually cast members, but sometimes even fellow guests want to wish you a special day!  One old couple even stopped James and I to sing us happy birthday!  On occasion you may get special treatment - for us, a CM gave our party of four Fastpasses that were usable immediately on Rock N Roller Coaster (although I promptly chicken exited!).  Another CM let us have a free popcorn and frozen lemonade.  (Interestingly, both of these happenings were in Hollywood Studios... coincidence?)

Speaking of food, my next birthday tip is to put it on all of your ADRs.  When you make an ADR, it gives you the opportunity to add a celebration.  Put that it is your birthday on all of them!  Even if you just get a little Mickey confetti on your table, it will make your day a little more special!  Likely, you'll even get another little treat!  James and I got countless birthday cupcakes, cards signed by characters, and even menus that said "Happy Birthday!" that we were allowed to take home!  Cast members honestly want to make your day, so let them know that it's your birthday!

And finally, my last trip for making your birthday at the parks extra magical is to do something special.  During our birthday trip, we ate at three different deluxe restaurants, plus Le Cellier which is one of my my favorites.  On my actual birthday, we had an amazing dinner at California Grill and watched Wishes.  On James', we ate at Bistro de Paris because he loves French food.  If you can afford even one special meal, it will make your birthday that much more special.  Another awesome thing we did was go on the Keys to the Kingdom tour.  That was James' birthday gift to me, and it was a really cool experience!  One of the best presents ever!  Whether it's spending a night at a deluxe resort, eating ten Dole Whips because you can, or even hugging Push the trash can (I really did that one!), do whatever you really want on your birthday, and it will be extra magical.  Bonus points if you buy the birthday ears!

Have you ever been to Disney on your birthday?  Did you do anything to make it extra special?  Do you have any tips on how you can make your birthday even more magical?  Let me know in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Amanda. I haven't celebrated a birthday in The World but as you know I did celebrate my sister's wedding there this past summer. Somehow our reservations got linked and I was "celebrating my honeymoon" solo at a couple of reservations which was a little awkward...
    I hope to be celebrating my birthday in Disneyland this June but as my sister can't go it will probably be a solo trip. I think I'll do a couple of their tours to make up for my lack of company...

  2. I'm so excited to spend my 28th birthday in the World! We're going in September and I have my birthday all over my reservations. I may end up having to get a birthday hat too. Our big celebration is probably going to be Citricos, because the California Grill is a bit too expensive for us.

  3. Allison, I bet Disneyland will be a blast whether you're solo or not!

    Jessica, I bet your birthday will be magical! Having the hat is really fun. EVERYONE notices that it's your birthday.

  4. My son's birthday is the week we are planning on being at Disney (next week actually), he's going to be 7. My daughter's birthday isn't until April (she will be 3) and I'm debating whether I "fudge" her day or not. To me, you can celebrate your birthday anytime of the year there because you may not be able to get there ON your birthday...

  5. I say at Disney, you can fudge anyone's birthdays! I agree with your thoughts completely!