Monday, January 24, 2011

January Trip Report, Day 5

Hooray for Hollywood!  Christmas tree and billboard outside of Hollywood Studios!
Choosing a turnstile to wait at is like playing a game. A who do you trust more not to screw up the easiest task of the day game...  We were obviously having a great trip, but at this point, I was going to freak out the next time someone needed to try all ten fingers to get through the turnstiles.  We got to Hollywood Studios nice and early on this day because we had a mission: to ride Toy Story Mania and not wait 90 minutes.  (Not that we would... we had a Touring Plan of course.  I swear they don't pay me; I just really love them.)  We were let through the turnstiles about 10 or 15 minutes before park open and crammed into the park waiting for the rope drop skit.  While we were waiting, Ray spotted us, and we chatted a while.  Finally, lights, camera, action, and we were let into the park.  Ray was also headed toward Toy Story Mania, so the three of us rode at the same time.  James got the highest score in our car.  Afterwards, Ray was headed to the big scary rides, so we split up.

James and I headed to the Great Movie Ride where we had an extremely perky tour guide, and then we headed towards MuppetVision.  James was pretty amazed when he spotted Pizza Planet.  He never knew there was a "real" one.  He was disappointed that there was no spaceship shaped claw machine though.  Anywho, I love the Muppets.  How does one become a Muppet fan because I want to be one.  We walked through the Muppet store after the show, and I considered buying a shirt but ultimately chose not to.  Next we briefly stopped in the Writer's Stop, and we went to the new and improved Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.  The exhibit is even better than the last time we saw it (pre-refurbishment), and I love learning about Walt and Roy.  We watched the short movie, and soon we headed to eat at the Studio Catering Co.

Me at One Man's Dream
I didn't love Studio Catering Co.  I had a turkey club, but I got it without cheese because I don't like swiss.  I guess the cheese was necessary because the sandwich was dry and bland.  I didn't love it.  Anyway, we cut our losses at lunch and tried to meet up with Cheryl because she was hanging out at the Studios as well.  After missing each other completely, we finally met up, and we decided to ride Toy Story Mania again.  Despite Cheryl's expertise, I got almost the same exact score as the first time, but this time Cheryl got best in car.  

Hot AND fresh!

Next we did the Tower of Terror queue, but only James rode.  Cheryl and I chicken exited.  It was nice (and a little scary!) seeing the queue, though!  We considered doing the Rock N Roller Coaster queue, but we decided to go see Indiana Jones instead.  First we stopped at a popcorn stand, and James and I got free snacks for our birthdays!  Thank you, friendly snack CM!  Indiana Jones was cool as usual, and afterwards we decided to head our separate ways.  Cheryl left to go to Epcot, and James and I went to take some naps before dinner.

Kona sticky wings
After our naps, we weren't sure if we should head to Epcot or Magic Kingdom before our reservation at Kona.  The Disney bus system chose for us, and we went to the Magic Kingdom.  After exploring the shops a bit, we saw some of the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade/show.  I thought it was really cute and danced, but James wasn't into it, so we headed to the TTA.  After a quick (and quite cold!) ride, we went to take the monorail to the Poly.  Dinner at Kona was good, but as Cheryl had warned us, the service wasn't excellent.  We started with the sticky wings, and then I had the teriyaki steak.  James had some type of seafood dish.  And then I had an awesome fondue for dessert!  Yum!

On the floor of the Grand Floridian
I had planned to watch the Electrical Water Parade on this day, but since we had seen it the day before (and it was FREEZING), we chose to skip it.  I wanted to see the big gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, so we monorail hopped over there to find that it had been taken down three days prior.  Although we were disappointed, I had never been to the Grand Floridian, so I was still excited to explore.  It was absolutely beautiful, but I think I might feel out of place if I stayed there.  It was quite cold, so we were pretty much ready to head to the resort.  After attempting (and most likely failing) to work the Disney transportation system in our favor, we finally got back to our room and went to bed, ready for James' birthday in the morning!



    I swear, I love those more than 90% of the rest of the food on the planet. Okay, maybe 85%...

  2. Sometimes, the transportation mojo just isn't on your side, you know? You gotta go with the flow. :) Sounds like you were able to overcome those issues, though!