Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spotlight: Goofy's Candy Company

Gawrsh!  Now that finals are over, I am back again!  Getting ready for Christmas, and getting ready for my next trip to Walt Disney World in less than TWO weeks!  What a wonderful time of the year!  That said, I still have some stuff I wanted to write about from my LAST trip in August, and one of those things is Goofy's Candy Company!

Have you ever been to Goofy's Candy Company?  If you love sweets like me, it's awesome!  There is a ton of candy and sweets, and my favorite part is the make your own treat section.  You can choose your treat base to be an apple, marshmallows, pretzels, and more!  My favorite is the "fudge cookie," which is essentially a giant Oreo.  Yum!  You can then have it dipped in milk chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel.  Then there are topping such as peanuts, M&Ms, and sprinkles.  The first topping is included, and additional toppings cost extra.  Then your treat gets drizzled with even more chocolate!  So delicious!

My make-your-own treat! A fudge cookie with milk chocolate and M&Ms!
To make your own treat, simply go to the counter at Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney, fill out a form, and pay for it.  Then you get to watch the cast members make them!  Prices range from around $3 to $6 for a treat with a dip and one topping.  I believe only the marshmallows (you get four on a stick) are included as a snack on the dining plan.  But the other snacks are totally worth paying cash!  Mine was delicious, and I ate a little each day when we would get back to our resort at night.  I highly recommend them!

Have you ever made a treat at Goofy's Candy Company?  What are your favorite treats and toppings?  Do you buy other sweets and goodies instead?  Let me know what you think about this yummy shop in a comment, on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. I <3 Goofy's and their fudge cookie. Actually, quick funny on story-on Thursday I was there, and I ordered my vanilla fudge cookie with m&m's. They were out of vanilla fudge cookies. Just as I was about to walk crestfallen out, they found some in the display for me. :)

  2. Hooray! The Disney magic strikes again!