Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Tangierine Cafe

Please excuse me if this blog starts to resemble the Disney Food Blog for a week or two.  I am by no means stealing AJ's terrific blog idea.  The thing is, I have a trip coming up in eleven days, and I still have a few topics left over to blog about from my August trip.  And all of those topics are counter service restaurant reviews.  They've all been left so long because I tried to space them out, so the blog wouldn't become a food blog.  But now the clock is ticking, and I'd like to get all or most of the reviews done with before my next trip.  So here's the first part of our two week counter service series: the Tangierine Cafe.

I deemed the tables cute and took a photo.

I was excited to try the Tangierine Cafe because I'd heard many great things about it.  I was also a little wary because I'd never had Moroccan food before, and I can be a very picky eater.  Nevertheless, after our 12:50 ADR at Le Cellier, we were finally hungry again around 8 pm, and since we were waiting around in World Showcase for IllumiNations, I figured it was the perfect time to try this restaurant. 

The first thing I noticed about the Tangierine Cafe is that it's very dissimilar looking to the other counter service restaurants in Walt Disney World.  Inside, it looked like what I assume a take out restaurant would look like in Morocco.  The second thing I noticed was the absolutely adorable tables and chairs (see the above picture).  Anyway, I wasn't feeling overly adventurous, so I decided to try the chicken platter.  James was slightly more adventurous, trying the chicken and lamb combo platter.  Both platters came with hummus, bread, couscous, and a green salad type thing.  The meats were covered with a white sauce.  Also, since we were on the dining plan, our meals came with a dessert of baklava.

My chicken platter.
James' chicken and lamb combo platter.
We took our meals to an outdoor table and sat down, listening to MoRockin in the background.  My favorite part of my meal was the hummus and bread.  The couscous was good, but I wasn't a fan of the green salad.  As for the chicken, I didn't love the white sauce too much.  Also, the chicken was a little too moist for me (although that might have partially been because of the 99% humidity that day).  I wasn't a huge fan of my meal here, and neither was James.  Maybe we're just not Moroccan food people, but we weren't thrilled.  That said, nothing was bad.  It just wasn't our style.  I know for a fact that many love this restaurant, but I guess it just wasn't for us.

Tangierine Cafe is located in Epcot's Morocco pavilion, and the counter service meals range from about $9 to $14 or one counter service dining credit.  The menu can be found here at

What do you think of Tangierine Cafe?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Never tried it?  What do you usually order?  Let me know your thoughts on this Moroccan eatery in a comment, on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. Tangerine is def a hit or miss with people, usually an acquired taste. I personally love it but it's also very similar to Greek food, which I grew up on. I usually order the same thing and also hate the tabbouleh (the green salad stuff). Or I get the pita pocket trio. :)

  2. love this QS meal! we always get the chicken/lamb combo. Don't understand why the portions of the hummus, couc., & tab. are so small...come on: we're talking chic peas, pasta and parsley here...a double scoop of these items won't break the bank. to the people who did not enjoy it: thanks for at least trying it. Even tho it wasn't to your taste, you still went for the adventure and that's part of the EPCOT World Showcase experience, isn't it?