Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Magical Moment

In today's post, since I didn't have a very magical Thursday, I just wanted to share a magical moment with you all that happened on our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  It was the last night of our trip, we had just eaten at Jiko, and we didn't have the best meal.  I was feeling kind of down about the whole thing, since not only was it our most expensive meal, but it was the meal I was most looking forward to.  Since it was around 9 pm, and the only park still open was the Magic Kingdom, we'd have to transfer there to get back to our resort (All Star Music) from the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Overall, we weren't enthused about this, especially after our disappointment of a dinner and the exhaustion of the end of our trip weighing on us. 

When we saw an Animal Kingdom bus pull up to the Lodge, I thought it might be possible to take that bus back to the Animal Kingdom, so we could transfer there.  I knew Animal Kingdom had closed much earlier, but I figured it was a possibility.  Unfortunately, once everyone was let out of the bus, the driver closed the doors and stepped outside to talk to those of us waiting outside his bus (us and one other family).  The other family spoke to him first, and they asked him how to best get back to Caribbean Beach.  He directed them to transfer at Downtown Disney, and I assumed he'd do the same for us.  Despite this, we asked him the best way to get back to All Star Music anyway.  He looked at us and said Downtown Disney was very far out of the way to get to the All Stars.  Then he told us to hop on his bus, and he'd drive us back to our resort.  And this kind bus driver proceeded to drive James and I back.  This was honestly such a magical moment; I couldn't believe it!  For all we knew, this bus driver was probably done with his shift for the day, yet he went out of his way to drive us directly from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to All Star Music.  Thanks so much, kind bus driver!  It really was a magical moment for us!

Have you had any magical moments at Walt Disney World?  What magical occurrences happened on your trips?  Share your moments in a comment, on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. I love when things like that happen! Proof that Disney is the happiest place on earth.

  2. That is great! We had a similiar experience leaving Hoop Dee Doo one night (before we realized the convenience of just taking the boat!). It just proves how great WDW is!

  3. I've had bus drivers do that for us before. It's really so nice of them!

  4. Beth and Jessica, hooray for the niceness of Disney bus drivers!