Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food Spotlight: Hummus

There's hummus in the different platters at Tangierine Cafe
I recently became rather obsessed with hummus, and I couldn't get enough of it when we went to Walt Disney World.  Luckily, I came across it no less than three times in various settings, so if you're a hummus lover like me, here's where to look...

First, we had dinner at the Tangierine Cafe one night, since I'd heard great things about it.  There's a review on this counter service location coming some time in the future, but almost all of the platters (excluding the wraps) contain hummus.  Plus fresh Moroccan bread.  Can you say yum?  And since it's counter service, this is a great place to get hummus when you don't want to sit down for a table service meal.

A few days later, we had an ADR for Boma.  I did a full review of this table service buffet last week, but one of the highlights of the buffet for me was the hummus.  There were three different types, and there were many types of breads to sample as well.  I went back for the hummus at least three times while we were there!  Unfortunately I'm having a hard time remembering the types of hummus, but if I'm not mistaken, one was a black olive hummus.  They were all very good, at least from a hummus lover's perspective!

Finally, on the last night of our trip, we ate at Jiko.  A review for Jiko is coming in the very, very near future, and although we didn't have the best experience at the restaurant, I loved the hummus!  We decided to order the Taste of Africa appetizer, which is described as a "trio of dips with assorted breads and house-made naan."  Luckily for me, one of the dips was hummus!  I believe the hummus served was one of the same types I had tried at Boma earlier in the week, but that wasn't a bad thing!  I honestly can't seem to remember the other two dips (I really have to start taking notes on this stuff!), but they were all delicious!  And the bread was great also!  The appetizer was $9 well spent for us!

Overall, there are more places than you may expect to get hummus at Walt Disney World.  These are just three I came across in one week at the World, perhaps there are more!  Are you a hummus fan?  Where do you get hummus in the parks or at the resorts?  Have you tried the hummus at any of the places I mentioned?  Let me know in a comment, on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


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  2. One of my favorite foods! And I didn't love Jiko either. But we can discuss that more in that blog post.

  3. Sorry you didn't love Jiko, it's actually in my top 2 restaurants! You can also find hummus at Pop Century's food court. When I was there, I bought the hummus, as well as the carrot and celery sticks (they don't come together) and it was a YUMMY snack! Not sure if you can find the hummus at all the other counter service hotel restaurants.

  4. Ally, yay for hummus! And yes, the Jiko review is most likely coming on Friday or Monday.

    DisneyGirlinNJ, ooh, I didn't know that about Pop Century! As far as I know, I didn't see it at All Star Music, but I'd think they'd have it at the quick service restaurant at AKL.

  5. Pop's Hummus was pretty good! photo:

    Just thought of another yummy hummus dish, the Lighthouse Sandwich at Columbia Harbour House (Magic Kingdom) - it's Hummus with tomato-broccoli slaw. Makes a great light and delicious vegetarian meal!

  6. I've had the hummus at Columbia Harbor House and it is awful.

    Have you tried Sabra brand hummus? It is awesome and pretty sure they have it in Long Island by now (they have it in CT).

  7. Daniel, hummus at Pop is so interesting. I'd heard they have a pretty diverse food court. And $2.99 isn't bad at all for that!

    Matt, no Columbia Harbor House then. We always go to Pecos Bill's anyway. (And sometimes we even say Peeeee-cos lol.) Love Sabra hummus! My favorite is roasted red pepper.