Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christmas in January?

Our next trip to Walt Disney World will be at the very beginning of January, but it falls at the very end of the "Christmas season."  We will be missing Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and the Candlelight Processional, but many decorations will likely still be up, including the Osborne Lights.  Also, Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade will be playing during the first two days of our trip.  Which makes me ask the question, how can I best see the remaining Christmas things before they are taken down?  This will definitely require prioritizing, since I will likely have only a day or two to see all the Christmas decorations before they start becoming fewer and fewer.  But what do I prioritize?

The Osborne Lights are a definite.  I've heard that they are awesome, and I definitely want to see them.  We'll likely do that on our first night at Walt Disney World.  As for the other things, I'm sort of unfamiliar.  I've never been to Disney during the holiday season, and since I have to prioritize, as well as fit two birthdays into the (already busy!) trip, I'm not sure what to do.

As for Magic Kingdom, the castle lights will likely still be up for the first few days of our trip  Since I plan on being at the Magic Kingdom at least one night for sure, I'm not worried about seeing that.  At Epcot, I know there is a Christmas tag to the end of IllumiNations, but I'm not sure if that will still be going on in January.  (Do any of you know?)  Hollywood Studios has the Osborne Lights, and Animal Kingdom has Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade.  This parade is really throwing me for a loop.  I know the seasonal parades tend to be awesome (Boo to You anyone?), but I'm not sure I want to take time out of my birthday to go over to the Animal Kingdom just to see this parade.  My birthday, however, is the only possible day to see this parade on our trip...

Then there are the resorts.  We'd likely be checking out the Beach and Yacht Club as well as the Boardwalk on our first day, regardless of whether or not there were decorations.  Luckily, these resorts will hopefully have great decorations.  Additionally, I've heard that many other resorts have great decorations as well, but it's hard to clear out time so early in our busy schedules for resort hopping just for decorations.  Is it really worth the time to see the decorations at various resorts?

This blog post is all over the place because my thoughts on this topic are all over the place.  There are so many Christmas-y things to fit into just a few, already busily planned, birthday filled days.  Which are the most important to see?  Is Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade really worth the trip over?  Will IllumiNations still have the Christmas tag in early January?  Are there any absolute must-see resort decorations?  I really do need your help with these questions, so please let me know in a comment, on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. Osborne Lights are definitely not to be missed. We were blown away last year when we saw them for the first time. Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge have beautiful decorations. We also checked out Boardwalk, Yacht Club, and Beach Club as well and they were all worth visiting too. If I had to pick one, I'd say the Grand Floridian.

  2. Osborne Lights are, in short, amazing! Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the lights because the crowds will limit how fast you can see it.

  3. Osborne Lights, first and foremost. Then castle, then resorts. I find the Illuminations tag skippable. Don't miss the Grand Floridian, Poly and Boardwalk.

  4. Matt, we will! I'm very excited to see them!

    Hedy, seems like Grand Floridian is a popular one. Guess we'll be checking it out!

  5. I definitely am not a parade girl...so...I would probably skip the Jammin Jungle Parade. It just doesn't seem all that different...minus a few Christmas decorations.

    I say don't miss the Grand Floridan's Gingerbread House! It's amazing!

  6. Yeah, we're probably going to skip the parade too.