Monday, September 13, 2010

August Trip Report, Day 7

Alas, this is the final installment of my August trip report, since the eighth day essentially consists of waking up, eating breakfast, and leaving.  August 23 was our last full day at Walt Disney World, and it was an amazing trip.  We were going out with a bang, and our last day started with a Segway Tour at Epcot!  This is yet another thing that I will do a full review for at a later (but soon!) date, but I must say now that it was WELL worth the money.  The tours are expensive, but you certainly get your money's worth.

Our Segway tour was scheduled for 9:00, but we arrived at Epcot around 8:30 and were allowed right in.  The tours (at least the Segway tours) meet at guest relations, where you get nametags and sign waivers.  Once your whole group arrives, the tour starts, and you head to Segway Central in Innoventions West.  We watched a short video about Segways, learned a bit of safety information, and soon we were getting on the Segways!  They were much easier to ride than I had thought!  I was nervous because I'm rather clumsy, but the guides said I was a natural.  It may have been because I'm so short, which means I have a lower center of gravity.

We did some training in Segway Central, and soon we were on our way to World Showcase!  We skipped Mexico and Norway since they're open to the public, but once we got to China, we rode around and learned about each country in the showcase.  I have soooo much information from this, but I'll save it for the full review.  Once the tour was coming to a close, the semi-stressful part began: the part where there are lots of people starting to flood the World Showcase, and you have to ride around them.  Overall it was fine, and we got a lot of points and stares from other non-Segwayed guests.  One little girl exclaimed, "They don't have to walk around the park!  How do we get those?"  Upon our return to Segway Central, we got pins to commemorate our experience, and we were sent on our way. 

At this point, James and I were a little burnt out from the trip, and our feet were killing us with the combination of walking miles and miles every day and standing on a Segway for two hours.  We decided to leisurely tour the World Showcase for the last time of our trip.  We ate lunch at Yakitori House, and I decided I wanted kaki-gori for dessert.  Of course while the ladies were making my kaki-gori, it started to downpour.  James and I ate the whole kaki-gori whilst standing under the little overhang of the kaki-gori stand.  Finally, we finished and decided to make a run for it to Mitsukosi for some shopping.  Eventually the rain let up, and we finished our tour around the World Showcase.  We then returned to the room for a rest before our dinner.

Dinner that night was at Jiko, so we took a bus to Animal Kingdom and then went over to the Lodge.  Spending time at AKL made me want to stay there SO bad, though our finances thought otherwise.  At Jiko, we had the Taste of Africa appetizer, which was very good.  We both ordered the oak-grilled filet as entrees, and mine came out rare when I ordered medium.  I felt bad sending it back, but I really, really don't like rare meat.  Our waiter brought me a small, complimentary appetizer to munch on while I waited for a new steak.  Unfortunately, it came out rare the second time as well, and I sucked it up and tried to eat it.  Although the food was underwhelming, our server was fantastic and offered to send it back a second time even when I told him it was fine.  I've heard so many good things about Jiko, so I'm hoping that this experience was just a fluke.  I'm not discouraged, and I'd love to return one day and hopefully have a better meal.

When we left Animal Kingdom Lodge, the only places open were Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney, but we decided to wait by a bus dropping people off from Animal Kingdom to see if he would take us back.  Once everyone was off his bus, he closed the doors and exited the bus to talk to those of us outside.  The first family he spoke to, he told to transfer at Downtown Disney.  He then came to us, and I asked if we should do the same.  He said that he'd hate for us to go all the way there to get to All Star Music, so he decided to drive us straight there!  Pixie dust!  It was soooo nice of the driver, and it was amazing not to have to transfer at stops so out of the way.  It was the perfect end to an amazing trip!

Wednesday will bring you a regularly scheduled blog post, but I hope you enjoyed my trip report!  I'll be returning to Walt Disney World in January for our birthdays, and I hope that trip will be as great as this one was!


  1. Really enjoyed your TR!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun. :) I'm sorry that you had a bad time at Jiko - I've heard such good things but have never eaten there myself.