Friday, September 10, 2010

August Trip Report, Day 6

My drawing of Woody!
August 22 was our second to last full day, and we couldn't believe it!  But just because our vacation was coming to a close didn't mean that the fun would stop!  That day was our Hollywood Studios day, and since Toy Story Mania was under refurbishment and I'm a ride wimp, we went to Voyage of the Little Mermaid first thing.  I hadn't seen Voyage of the Little Mermaid since the Studios was MGM, so I was excited, and it didn't disappoint!

After Little Mermaid, I experienced the Art of Disney Animation and the Animation Academy for the first time - so awesome!  James and I were the only people who had never been before, so we drew Woody since it was a character that no one else had drawn.  (There's a snake in my boot!)  After the Animation Academy, we intended to head to Muppetvision, but it was apparently closed.  The CMs that were there told us to "come back in a long time," so we headed over to Star Tours to ride it one last time before it changes.  We never made it to Endor, but maybe we will when it becomes Star Tours 2. 

Matt and I!
Next we explored Tattooine Traders for a while, and then we explored the various other shops in the Studios before lunch time.  For lunch, we met up with Matt Hochberg and ate at the Backlot Express.  Matt was awesome, and after lunch, we collectively decided to go to the Aloha Isle AllEars meet over at the Magic Kingdom.  We separated while Matt went to put his camera back in his car, and we met back up at the Magic Kingdom, this time with Matt's wife, Marissa.

After a minor problem at the turnstiles (Matt's annual pass decided it had seen the end of its days, and we had to wait while the CM went and made him a new one), we made it into the park!  James and I shopped a bit while Matt and Marissa ate at Casey's, and then we headed to Adventureland.  Aside from the fact that it was a bazillion degrees, the meet was awesome!  There were lots of people there, but after a while, it just became too hot.  James and I left the meet and decided to get on Pirates of the Caribbean to cool off.

A photo I took from the TTA!
When we emerged from the depths of the piratey world, it was raining, but it ended pretty soon.  We got on the Railroad and headed to Toontown where we explored Mickey and Minnie's houses, and then we rode the TTA Peoplemover over in Tomorrowland.  We got Buzz Lightyear Fastpasses as souvenirs, and we headed to Epcot to buy a Vinylmation for James.

You see, the entire trip, James had his eye on a 9-inch Vinylmation that he wasn't sure he wanted.  By that day, he decided that he did, in fact, want it.  But of course we couldn't find it ANYWHERE.  James remembered that he saw it in Mousegear (his absolute favorite store in all of Walt Disney World), so we went there to get it.  Of course, it was absolutely pouring when we got to Epcot, so we spent a while shopping.  After our purchases were made, it was still raining, so we rode Spaceship Earth.  Then we dragged our soggy butts to the bus stop to head over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The ceiling of Boma
My first impression of the Animal Kingdom Lodge was absolute awe, followed by "we have to stay here!"  One day, when we can afford to stay at deluxes, I cannot wait to stay at this resort.  We went down to Boma, which I thought was good.  I looooved all the different types of hummus, and there was food for the picky and the adventurous.  After dinner, we explored the Animal Kingdom Lodge some more, and then we decided to call it a night.  The early mornings and extensive walking were taking a toll on us, so we went back to our resort after a bus transfer at the Studios.  The next day would be our final day at Walt Disney World, but we had a Segway Tour to look forward to!


  1. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you and James. Next time we meet, let's do so in like winter

  2. Wow, sounds like those CMs at Muppetvision were a bit rude. :-/

    I'm enjoying reading about your trip!

  3. Matt, lol agreed!

    Anna, they said it more in a funny way, as in we're not even close to fixing it. And I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  4. I absolutely loved staying at the AKL. It's really a great place to stay!