Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Trip Report, Day 5

The inside of Akershus
The fifth day of our trip was, yet again, awesome.  We started the day at Epcot, after a short detour caused by me leaving my wallet (which had my park ticket) in the room.  We arrived before park opening, but since we had an ADR for Akershus, we were let right in.  We walked through a mostly empty Epcot to the Norway pavilion.  Epcot is amazing when it's empty so early.  Once there, we were taken in immediately and first sent to a little photo area where Belle is.  We got our picture taken with her which she later gave to us as a "present."  (Seriously, the CM came over to us with the pictures, and she was like, "This is a gift from Princess Belle.")  Since Belle's my favorite princess, I was actually happy that she was the photo princess.  Though that kind of means that you spend less time with her, she's the only professional (Photopass) photograph we got, since it was complimentary.  The hot food at Akershus was average, but I really liked the cold buffet.  Especially the Lingonberry muffins!  An Akershus review is certainly in the future for this blog, hopefully after I get the princess pictures from James.

After Akershus, it was around 9:30 or 10, and we were really feeling the luxury of time.  We had already touring planned through most of Future World and some of the World Showcase earlier in the week, so we could really do whatever we wanted.  First we watched the little fountain show in the center of Future World, and then we went over to the Epcot Character Spot.  We got our pictures with the Fab Five (in a very assembly line-esque manner, might I add), and then we headed around to Club Cool to try some Beverly. 

The China pavilion
Since it was approaching eleven o'clock, we headed over to Norway to ride Maelstrom (we were off the ride by 11:02), and then proceeded around the World Showcase just exploring.  At China, we met Mulan, and then we watched Reflections of China.  We then proceeded around the World Showcase, and we watched the Fife and Drum Corps, the Voices of Liberty, and the American Adventure show upon reaching the American Adventure pavilion.  We had never really done any of the attractions in the World Showcase, so this was really awesome for us.  The Voices of Liberty were awesome!  At this point, it was pouring rain, and it was approaching lunch time, which meant there was only one logical thing to do:  try to get into Via Napoli!

Via Napoli!
Via Napoli was awesome, and there is definitely a VERY positive review of this restaurant coming in the semi-near future!  I was skeptical because I am not used to paying nearly that much for pizza, but I really think it was worth it.  I had the Margherita, and James had the Quattro Formaggi - both excellent!  We paid for this meal out of our own pockets since we didn't have any dining credits to spare, but it really was well worth it.

Anyway, after Via Napoli, it had stopped raining, so we continued our tour around the World Showcase.  We got Kaki-gori at Japan (another first for me and SO good) and spent some quality time at Mitsukoshi.  James and I spent TONS of time at Mitsukoshi on our trip - we love it there!  Once we made it around the World Showcase (stopping in the UK for pictures with Pooh and Tigger!), we decided it was time to head back to the room for a while to rest our feet.

My new Disney Dooney!
After our rest, we headed over to Downtown Disney where it promptly began to pour.  (Pro tip:  we got ponchos at the Raglan Road gift shop for around two bucks, when the other Disney stores were selling them for seven plus.)  We went over to D-Street, which was cool to look at, but not worth our walk through the pouring rain just so I could buy a 3-inch Cutester.  Then we headed back over to the Marketplace, where all my tweeps convinced me (and rightfully so!) to buy a new Dooney at TrenD.  After the purchase, we had dinner at Earl of Sandwich (my Italian sandwich tasted curiously like a pepperoni pinwheel), and we finished up with a make-your-own treat dessert from Goofy's Candy Co.  I got one of those big Oreos with M&Ms on it - yummmmm!

My Oreo treat!
At that point, we were sick of our wet sneakers, so we headed back to the resort to watch TV and eat my yummy snack.  Hollywood Studios was on the schedule for the following day, along with some hang out time with one of your favorite WDW Today hosts!

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