Monday, September 6, 2010

August Trip Report: Day 4

August 20th was supposed to be an Animal Kingdom day, though that didn't last long.  We got to the park bright and early, and we were front and center for the opening show!  We got lots of pictures, and our adventure began.  First thing, we headed straight to Kiliminjaro Safari.  The giraffes (my favorite animals) were out with a force, and so close to our truck!  I was really happy about that because I looove giraffes!  After the Safari, we did the jungle trail and saw some more animals.  After that, however, we weren't quite sure where to go next, and may I mention, it was Animal Kingdom hot!  There was no Finding Nemo or Festival of the Lion King for at least an hour, we didn't want to go over to Dinoland, and we weren't in the mood to get wet.  Since I'm too big of a ride wimp to ride Everest, our touring plan came to a stand still.  So we made a decision: we'd hit up Camp Minnie-Mickey, get some autographs and pictures, and then head over to Magic Kingdom.  We were at Magic Kingdom before 11.

We decided to take Magic Kingdom slow, one of the awesome things about having the luxury of time.  We rode the TTA Peoplemover and the Carousel of Progress before deciding it was time for lunch.  On our way to the front of the park, we stopped for the Main Street Trolley Parade.  It was my first time ever seeing the show in person, but I already knew the music well.  Then we walked right down the middle of Main Street USA to take the monorail to the Poly for lunch at Captain Cook's!

At Captain Cook's, I had a turkey club and (of course) a Dole Whip for dessert - self serve!  (Sorry Rikki, neither of us had the adult grilled cheese.  I wasn't crazy about the bleu cheese inside.)  We explored the Poly a bit (I'd love to stay there some day!), and then we decided to head to James' favorite resort, the Contemporary.  We explored there a bit, and suddenly we hit a wall.  We were just exhausted, and we almost fell asleep on a couch on the conference floor of the resort.  James decided that we needed to get up, so we headed over to Epcot, where we would have a tweet-up later on that day.  We rode Ellen's Energy Adventure, and James promptly fell asleep.  Later he asked me, "So what happens after the dinosaur room?"

We met Disney_Alli!
After Ellen's Energy Adventure, we went to the Seas pavilion for our tweet up!  First we met Alli, Jess, Marc, and Marc's son, but Jess, Marc, and his son soon had to leave for other obligations.  Soon after they left, JL from the Disney Driven Life arrived with her three kids, and the kids decided they wanted to ride Sum of All Thrills.  Alli, James, and I had never tried it, so we agreed!  Alli rode with JL's oldest daughter, Margeaux; James rode with JL's son, Miller; and I rode by myself because I wanted to make mine the wimpiest.  Unfortunately, JL's youngest daughter, Elle, wasn't quite tall enough to ride, so JL stayed behind with her.  I must say, Sum of All Thrills was fun and interesting, but it was a very short ride considering the amount of time you spend waiting, training, and making your ride.

At that point, Alli had to leave for dinner at the California Grill (lucky!), so we snapped a picture before she left.  The rest of our group went back to the Seas to see Turtle Talk before James and I had to leave for dinner.  Elle and Miller both got to talk to Crush, and they were adorably excited.  Then we snapped another picture, and James and I went over to Coral Reef!  A Coral Reef review is to come, but I must say that the food was good, and the atmosphere was awesome.  We were right near the tank, and we loved it!  At one point, a bunch of scuba divers came down, so we were watching them swim all around with the fish.

After Coral Reef, we found out that JL and her crew were still in the park, and they were thinking of heading over to Magic Kingdom like we were.  We met back up, and we drove over there, listening to the very beginnings of Inner Mouse.  Upon arriving, Magic Kingdom was PACKED, and we were actually escorted around Main Street (meaning back stage!) to get to Tomorrowland.  While back there, James had his first Neurotic Disney Moment, exclaiming "this is epic!" as we walked through.  When we reached Tomorrowland, JL's kids almost convinced little, wimpy me to get on Space Mountain, but luckily the 70 minute wait saved me.

James and Elle, JL's youngest
Lines said the wait for Thunder Mountain was short, but by the time we got over there, Wishes had ended, and the line was too long to justify.  We decided to go on Pirates of the Caribbean instead (waiting 20 minutes at 10:30 pm - you tell me how crowded the park was that night!), and we had a blast riding with JL and her kids.  After the ride, we met back up with Marc and his son to see the Main Street Electrical Parade.  It was very fun to see, as usual, and then we decided to ride Haunted Mansion (my favorite!).  I rode with Margeaux, and she told me that she didn't like the graveyard scene.  I also don't like that part, but, of course, the ride stopped during that exact part.  Luckily, we both held it together, and the ride was moving again in no time!

After Haunted Mansion, Marc mentioned that he'd never been on the Carousel.  Of course that meant we simply had to ride, so we did!  At this point, it was midnight, but the crowds were still surprisingly large for the Extra Magic Hours that were to come.  We didn't go on any more rides after that, but we stayed for a while longer, meeting some Mom's Panelists.  At around 1:30 am, we were all dragging, and JL drove us back to our resort.  Thanks again, JL, considering we may never have gotten back if we'd have had to take a bus.  The kids were pretty much sleeping by the time we got out of JL's car, so we said our goodbyes and headed back to our room for a much needed sleep.  After all, we had a breakfast ADR for the next morning!


  1. Am enjoying reading about your trip, Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Yay! For an awesome day. I still feel guilty about keeping you out that late (she says as she hangs her head in shame).

  3. Allison (@Disney_Alli)September 6, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    I had so much fun meeting you guys! Would have loved to stay longer but really... Dinner at California Grill was amazing so I can't complain! Your trip report is great so far, can't wait to read the rest of it!
    I love how I'm like 3 feet taller than all of you in the pictures... I feel like a giant!

  4. Lol, well JL and I are rather short people lol. James is tall at least!

  5. Loving the TR!

    And it's a shame you didn't try the grilled cheese. It actually doesn't have Blue Cheese in it (or I wouldn't eat it, I hate blue cheese too...unless on some off chance they've recently changed it, which will make me very sad if that's the case), but instead it should be boursin cheese...which is actually really good...and a perfect mix with the other cheeses in it.

  6. Ooh, I was not aware of that! said it was bleu cheese. I may have to try it next time then!

  7. Nope...they would be wrong. It should be boursin. Which is AMAZING!!! (Like I said, unless things changed in the past few months, but I don't think it has.)