Friday, September 3, 2010

August Trip Report: Day 3

Our third day at Walt Disney World was our first full day at my favorite park: Epcot!  After a minor bus issue (someone threw up on the bus we were supposed to take, so they had to dispatch a different bus, which took forever), we made it to the park, albeit not as early as I'd have liked.  It ended up working out, however, as we got seats front and center on Soarin'!

After Soarin', we used a touring plan that I sort of made up on my own, and we went over to Test Track.  The line was already 20 minutes long, so we did single rider and literally walked right through the entire queue.  We even walked through the preshow without watching it!  After Test Track, I rode Mission Space for the first time (green side of course).  I enjoyed it, but I doubt I'd ride the orange side, since I have a tendency to faint. 

After Mission Space, we went over to the Seas pavilion, which we ended up spending a lot of time in on our trip.  We rode the Nemo ride, and we watched a dolphin presentation.  We skipped over Turtle Talk to watch at a later date, and we continued on.  We rode Living with the Land (another first for me!), watched Captain EO (so awesome!), and rode Journey into Imagination.  I know lots of people hate Imagination, but I have a soft spot for it.  After Imagination, it was time for lunch at Le Cellier!

Le Cellier was absolutely amazing.  Neither James nor I had been, and we loved it so much that we booked an ADR for January there.  James tried the cheddar soup, but he didn't like it.  We both loved the pretzel bread of course.  And we both had the New York Strip, which was absolutely fantastic.  Our server was fantastic as well.  Everything was fantastic!  For dessert, I had the chocolate moose - so cute!  After lunch, we rode Spaceship Earth, and then we returned to the resort for a nap.

After our nap, we decided to visit Port Orleans French Quarter.  We were thinking about staying there on our next trip.  It was quaint and quiet, but I actually didn't like the quietness of it.  We did try the beignets, which reminded me of a puffy funnel cake.  After our visit to French Quarter, we took a bus back to Epcot, which is when we learned something that bothered us about Port Orleans:  if you stay in French Quarter, your bus may go through four stops in Riverside before heading to your destination.  We didn't like that, but we dealt with it for the time, and we eventually made it to Epcot!

We explored the countries in World Showcase a bit, and we ate dinner at the Tangierine Cafe.  I loved the pita bread with the hummus, but I wasn't a huge fan of whatever was on the chicken.  Then again, I'm not a very adventurous eater.  After dinner, we wandered around a bit, and then got a spot for IllumiNations.  It was drizzling a bit, and there was lots of lightning, but my Twitter friends assured me that IllumiNations would go on, and it did!  It's my favorite nighttime spectacular at Disney, and I loved it as usual!

Epcot had Extra Magic Hour evenings that night, so we stayed until around 10:30, simply walking around the World Showcase.  And we rode the Gran Fiesta Tour, of course.  We love the Three Caballeros!  Finally, we decided to call it a night; we would be back at Epcot the next day anyway.


  1. That's the one thing I hate about Port Orleans. Sometimes it takes a while to get your bus to the park and then you have a bunch of stops. I know it's not for everyone, but that's still one of my favorite resorts.

  2. We were actually there at the same time and staying at PO French Quarter. I'm guessing the extra bus stops at Riverside were because you were traveling in the afternoon when the bus might not have been full. In the mornings and evenings we never stopped at Riverside. The one exception was returning one night from Downtown Disney.

  3. Yes, it was in the afternoon. I suppose that was the reason why.