Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Trip Report: Day 2

August 18th was our first full day at Walt Disney World, so, naturally, it was our Magic Kingdom day.  We started our day with a light breakfast at the resort, and soon we headed off to the park, touring plan in hand.  The touring plan worked beautifully, as usual, and we rode everything we wanted before lunch time.  Since I'm too much of a ride wimp to go on Space Mountain, our first ride of the day was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, a favorite of James and I.  We laughed as we waited with a huge group for Tomorrowland to officially open, and we went to Buzz as almost the entire rest of the group went to Space.

After Buzz, we did most of Fantasyland, and I rode Peter Pan's Flight for the first time!  It was as amazing as everyone says - I loved it!  We hit my favorite, the Haunted Mansion, on our way to Frontierland, where I rode Splash Mountain for the first time!  I really liked it, except for the one part in the dark where you go down and up really quickly (which is why I don't want to try Space Mountain).  The big drop was only scary for a few seconds, and I didn't get too wet sitting in the back row.

Next up were some other favorites: Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  After Jungle Cruise (our skipper was one of many CMs earning their ears on our trip), I had my first Dole Whip float!  It was very good, but I ended up preferring the Dole Whip without the float.  James had the orange and vanilla swirl, but I love the pineapple!  After the Dole Whip, we saw Hall of Presidents for the first time (and didn't fall asleep!), and then we circled back to Mickey's PhilharMagic (love that show!) before lunch.  For lunch, we ate at Pecos Bill's.  James had the barbecue sandwich, and I had the taco salad - yum!  We love the hot cheese there!

After lunch, we headed back for a nap before dinner at Epcot!  Dinner was at Tokyo Dining, one of James' favorites.  He had sushi, and I had chicken teriyaki, since it seemed they took the beef teriyaki off the menu.  I'm not always a huge fan of chicken over beef, but both the chicken and the teriyaki sauce at Tokyo Dining were delicious.  It was one of our best meals of the trip, in my opinion.

Once we were done with dinner, we went back to the Magic Kingdom for the parade and fireworks.  It was our first time seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade, and we both really liked it.  That said, I do prefer SpectroMagic, and I wish it would come back soon.  After the parade, we watched Wishes from a great spot in the hub, and headed back to the resort to call it a night.  Our next day would be at Epcot.


  1. It was my first time seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade as well... and I think I prefer Specto too. Maybe it's just cause we didn't grow up with the Electrical Parade?

    Do you think you'll ever try Space Mountain? It's funny, I'm such the opposite of a ride wimp that my boyfriend and I tend to find Big Thunder Mountain kinda boring and will only do it if the line is less than 15 minutes, and while we both enjoy Space Mountain it's fun more than thrilling. I kind of wish there were rides that still scared me... maybe it's time Disney gets a new coaster! Although the Nightastic effects at Tower of Terror were still being used and it was different enough that I didn't know exactly WHEN we were going to drop like I used to, and I had a few butterflies!

  2. Nice. I missed the Electric Parade when I was down in July, to late for my 18 month old but I am so glad you got the opportunity to go and see it..

    My husband wasn't much of a ride person either I will never forget the first time on Space Mountain. But good for your for trying Splash Mountain, a ride I haven't been on myself since I was a kid.

    So, from someone with a dairy allergy, what does a dole whip taste like? And what is so special about them I always hear people raving about them.

  3. If you didn't like the dip in Splash Mountain, I think you might not like Space. I *love* roller coasters, so Space is wonderful for me. But I totally understand being a ride wimp! I used to be one. :)

  4. Angela, it's a good possibility about the MSEP. JL's (from the Disney Driven Life) kids almost got me on Space Mountain. I was shaking in my boots though (well, sneakers), and I got out of it because there was a 70 minute wait. It seems absolutely terrifying to me.

    Aleisha, a Dole Whip is essentially pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream. I don't really know how to describe it because I'm not sure I've really tasted anything like it before.

    Jessica, yikes, okay. I don't think I'll like Space either lol.

  5. I still can't believe I was right there on the Splash loading platform and didn't see you!

  6. You know, if there's anythign I've ever been scared of, I ALWAYS end up chickening out if there's a long ride. If there's a quick walk right on then I end up on it before I can even think to chicken out haha. I will say that SM doesn't have any big drops (I wish it did!) but that you probably would have been better off before the refurb. Before you could see where you were going but it's much more dark now and it's often a surprise as to whether you are turning left or right or doing a little dip.

    Also, I SWEAR I read somewhere that a Dole Whip is dairy free. It's made from a powder and then mixed with water. I remember cause that CREEPED me right out haha, but I still enjoy it. Ah, no I just googled and it's lactose free, but not completely dairy free. So lactose intolerant people could probably try it, but not those with a dairy allergy.