Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Check-In, Part 2: Arrival

I'm back!  On Tuesday, I arrived home (unfortunately) from an amazing week at Walt Disney World!  Which means I have lots of information for lots of blog posts!  I had initially wanted my first post back to be about our Around the World at Epcot Segway tour, but James currently has those photos.  Thus, I decided to do a follow up post to the one I wrote on August 8 about online check-in.

I got a lot of mixed feedback about online check-in, but I must say, it worked perfectly.  The line was longer than the regular check-in line, but only because the regular check-in line has no one on it.  We were first in line for online check-in, and within two minutes, we were helped.  And, fabulously, everything went swimmingly.  The cast member who helped us simply asked for my ID and gave us a folder with a map of where our room was, our room keys/tickets, little pamphlets on all kinds of stuff, etc.  Did we have a car with us?  No.  Did we have any questions about our dining plan?  No.  Then we were all set.  And off to our room we went!

One thing people don't like about online check-in is that your keys are made when you arrive, so you can't request a certain area.  This is one thing that may be faulty about it, since James and I were put in the second to last room in the farthest building.  That said, I don't think we would have said anything about it even if we did regular check-in, though we are considering a "preferred room" for our next trip in order to be closer to the main building and transportation.  Overall, however, online check-in was a breeze, and I'm very glad we did it.  It made the check-in process very fast, and we were able to enjoy the magic even sooner!

So again I ask, have you ever done online check-in?  What did you think?  Do you prefer to do it in person?  Let me know in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. I think online check-in is a wonderful thing! I don't care about room location so it works for us. :)

  2. Woot, I'm glad it works for you!