Monday, August 2, 2010

Main Street Electrical Parade Continues...

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Some of the biggest news of the week is that the Main Street Electrical Parade (MSEP) will be staying at the Magic Kingdom indefinitely.  This is big news for me, since my trip is in a few weeks, and I had been somewhat expecting to see SpectroMagic (only somewhat expecting because I can't say that Disney's MSEP choice went completely unpredicted).  Having never seen the Main Street Electrical Parade, and being a huge fan of Spectro, I am honestly torn about Disney's decision here.

For one, I completely understand why Disney is keeping the MSEP.  I mean, it has been taken extremely well, and people are going crazy for it.  That said, I don't have the nostalgia for the parade because I've never seen it.  Sure, it's a fun parade, but it just doesn't have the same spark without the nostalgia.

On the other hand, I have loved SpectroMagic since the moment I saw it.  It was the first nighttime parade I've ever seen in Walt Disney World, and I think it's fantastic.  I mean, the Spectro song is my ringtone for gosh sake.  When I first heard about MSEP, I was actually glad that it was supposed to be ending before our trip started.  This continued to be true the first time I watched a video of the MSEP, but I've watched it a bit since then, and it's grown on me.  (That said, the electronic voices creep me out.) 

Overall, I'm simply not sure that the MSEP will have the same replayability that Spectro has for me.  To me, Spectro is more magical, and while the MSEP has funner music, perhaps, I'm not sure if I'd return to the Magic Kingdom to see the parade a second time.  Then again, I've never seen the MSEP a first time, so I guess I shouldn't speak too soon.  I'll definitely revisit this topic in a post once I return from my trip.

What do you think about the Main Street Electrical Parade and Disney's decision to keep it at the Magic Kindom indefinitely?  What do you think about SpectroMagic being (at least temporarily) replaced?  Do you think that actually seeing the parade will change my mind?  Let me know in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!  And remember, now that it's August, there are only 15 days for me to get 37 more Twitter followers.  If I do, I'll be giving away something straight from Walt Disney World!


  1. You were the first person I thought of when I heard the new-LOL.
    I've never seen the MSEP, but seriously debated adding on a day to my upcoming Harry Potter trip to see it. To me, it speaks to Disney's history, and as a girl who has been a Disney world since the world go I felt it s important for me to see it.

  2. Lol, very true. Very true indeed.

  3. I understand that part of why they are keeping MSEP at WDW is that with massive construction going on at DCA, there is just no storage for it right now. Keeping it in FL makes sense logistically for Disney. Fans in CA are disappointed that it left because MSEP is the parade we grew up with out here. Yes, it's slightly changed with Tink in the front and all the pixie dust down the sides of the floats but it's essentially the same. The nostalgia is a huge part of its success. I remember when they sold all the lightbulbs as collectibles from the original Dland version! Anyway, it is beautiful and you will enjoy it. Maybe not as much as your SpectroMagic, but try not to compare them if you can. Enjoy each one for the magic that they bring on their own merit. SpectroMagic will be back before you know it and you'll be glad you had an opportunity to see MSEP.

  4. Very good points! And I'm sure I will!

  5. Having seen MSEP most of my life at Disneyland, it was sad to see it leave that park. When it "re-appeared" at DCA, it just wasn't the same. It's supposed to be called the Main Street Electrical Parade - not Disney's Electrical Parade & be on Main Street!

    As for Spectro....I love the music from MSEP more then Spectro's, but Chernabog is just one of my favorite floats. I would love to see him at Disneyland. Plus my husband is a Jiminy fan & seeing him at the end of Spectro is the highlight of the parade for him.

    We will miss seeing it when we're there in Nov.

  6. I prefer the music from Spectro, personally.

  7. I'm disappointed, because we were arriving on the 14th and had planned ongoing to see the Nightastic stuff that night, but then for the rest of the trip we would get Spectro and Wishes... it was perfect! I'm alright with it sticking around though so long as I get to see Wishes, but I'm kinda bummed that my wonderful vacation timing isn't so amazing anymore haha. At least I get to see the fireworks though AND Wishes.

  8. Oh, but I agree that I have no nostalgia for MSEP cause I've never seen it before either. That happens a lot when people remissness about attractions and rides that are gone and they wish were back... but I've never seen them and love the replacement!