Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

Contrary to what you may believe, there is much more to getting ready for a trip than just packing (although that may be one of the most important parts!).  Personally, before I take a trip, I make a list on my phone of the different things I need to do ahead of time.  From beauty (getting my eyebrows done and possibly a haircut?) to logistics (printing boarding passes), the list is rather extensive.  And it all needs to be done before the trip.

Some of the most important things to do before a trip are the logistical ones.  As I said before, printing your boarding passes in advance (especially if you're taking Southwest) is very important.  Also, I made sure to copy all of our confirmation and reservation numbers on a piece of paper, even though I have them all in my phone.  Paper can't die if it runs out of battery.  I also made sure to get singles for tipping in various circumstances.  These are things I wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget.

Next on my list are the more fun things.  I have to remember to print my touring plans, so I can spend less time in lines and more time on rides.  I'm also possibly getting a manicure and pedicure (though I may save that money for Disney).  I decorated envelopes for Mousekeeping (housekeeping at the Disney parks!) to put their tips in every day.  Hopefully they'll enjoy them!

Finally, there are the essential things on my list, like packing and charging my electronics.  I would be lost without my phone and camera charged, and I'll also remember to charge my iPod and Kindle for the plane rides.  As for packing, first I had to remember to buy everything I needed.  I bought an extra memory card for my camera and an extra phone battery for our upcoming trip.  Then, in a few days (likely the night before the trip, knowing me), I will get everything all packed up.  Clothes, bathing suits, sunscreen, and, of course, my Minnie ears!  The ears are going into my carry-on!  Of course, anything you forget to pack can be bought on Disney property, but it's nice (and much cheaper!) to bring them from home if you can remember. 

So what do you do before a trip?  What do you always have to remember to pack?  Do you make a list?  Let me know how you get ready to go in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. We've done the Mousekeeping envelopes in the past and they seem to enjoy them!

    I put my touring plans on my Google calendar so I can access it on my DROID phone. but I also create the Master Planning Spreadsheet (in Excel) so I can have a paper version. The MPSS was what I used before having a smart phone so I'm still loyal to it. LOL

    I like to do something creative for the trip. Like creating a photo autograph book. That's what I did for the my most recent trip for my 17 month old daughter. She was SO EXCITED when the characters signed it. The book also served to distract her at times since it had photos of her with the characters.

    You definitely need to carry-on your Mouse ears. I learned the hard way that if you pack them they might not make it in one piece. :(

    If you're using DME, make sure to carry-on what you need in the park or right away just in case there's a delay in luggage.

    I have a packing check-list. Especially with my electronics. I record in the parks so I have my video camera, dSLR, and H2 (audio recorder). Plus you need all the peripherals to go with it.

    BTW, just returned last Tuesday from WDW, staying at Boardwalk (Villas). We used Southwest and resort check-in. So unbelievably easy!! Such a change from April when we wasted over an hour and nothing worked. Hopefully resort check-in works for you. Have great trip!!!

  2. Woot, lots of awesome tips, thanks! And yikes, yeah, everything important will go in my carry on!

  3. I'm like you. I have an extensive list from the practical to fun, which my husband makes fun of me for, though he never complains when we have all the things we need! :-) But the one thing I never forget - dish detergent! We use it for all the kids cups, bottles, pacifiers, etc. Plus, it is needed for the refillable mugs, which we buy every trip.