Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney College Blog Giveaway Update!

Thanks to my many amazing tweeps, I have officially reached 400 followers on Twitter.  Which means I will officially be giving away a prize to a lucky winner!  What will that prize be?  You still have time to decide!  Pins and Vinylmation were VERY close in the last poll, so I've made a new poll with less options to try to determine a clear cut winner.  Another idea that was suggested to me was a mystery bag of items from the $10 and under store, so I've added that to the poll.  I'm excited to see what you guys want as a potential prize!

As for the giveaway itself, you'll have to stay tuned to my Twitter account while I'm on my trip to find out how to win it!  There will be multiple chances throughout my week at Walt Disney World to enter the giveaway.  These opportunities will be hashtagged with #dcbgiveaway, so you know what they are.  Perhaps it will be trivia, where in the World am I, or maybe I'll even Ustream and ask a verbal question!  Or maybe all three!  Or maybe different ideas completely!  You'll find out on Twitter!

Now don't forget to vote in this new poll.  These are the votes that really count!

What would you like to see given away?
        Mystery Bag
        Other (comment or tweet me!)
= see results =

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