Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magical Moments

While, as usual, I was at loss for what to blog about on Monday, I tweeted my frustration out to the world, fully expecting no one to answer my 1:30 am call.  Yet one tweep, Rich, came through in the clutch with an idea to blog about your best Disney day.  I used my creative license to take his idea one step further:  what are your best Disney moments?  Disney is an absolutely magical place, and magical moments happen every second.  Whare are some of your most magical moments?

One of mine was on the streets of Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I was wearing my Minnie Mouse ears because anyone can wear Minnie ears at Walt Disney World.  A cast member was setting up a merchandise or food stand of some kind and glanced over at my boyfriend and I as we walked by.  As we passed, he stood up and said just one sentence:  "I like your ears, princess!"  Only at Disney can all people of all ages be princesses.  And only at Disney will an employee, simply doing his job, go out of his way to make someone's day a little better.  This was truly one of my most magical moments.

So what are your most magical Disney moments?  Was the result of a cast member, another person, or something that simply happened?  I'm excited to hear what I hope will be amazing, magical stories!  Tell me yours in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. Love the story you shared and it's no surprise that it happened in Hollywood Studios...the real magical kingdom ;)

  2. In 2008 we brought our three kids to WDW (my son's second trip and first trip for both my daughters). My son was 3.5, my daughter was 2 and my youngest daughter was 10 months. My son at this point was not a talker, meaning he was actually unable to talk other than a few things here and there. Add to that, he is extremely shy, so we were really concerned on how he would react at Cape May Cafe's character breakfast. Both of my daughters were wearing Minnie Mouse shirts, so as Minnie came to the table, I said to them, show Minnie your shirts. As soon as I said that, to my family's complete shock, my son popped up out of his seat pulled the front of his Lightning McQueen shirt forward and said to Minnie, "Look at my car shirt." I still get teary-eyed just typing this because he had never talked to anyone and barely spoke to family members he saw daily. I completely welled up with tears and my family (brother, sister in law and my parents) just sat in complete silence, but beaming at what had just happened. It is my most special Disney moments of all my 12 trips!

  3. Lol, thanks, Matt. I knew you'd be pleased with my magical moment location.

    Elizabeth, that is so great! A total magical moment!