Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fitting In Fantasmic

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Here's a confession that you might not know about me:  I've never seen Fantasmic.  On our last trip, we scheduled a Hollywood Studios day specifically to see it, and it was rained out.  I was pleased when I found out there were three days showing Fantasmic on my upcoming August trip, and even more pleased when I saw a tweet from @studioscentral saying that there were second shows added for most August dates.  Second shows are always less crowded, so seeing one wouldn't cause us to need to carve a 90 minute chunk out of our day.  There are only two Fantasmic days in August where there is not a second show.  One of them is the date I originally planned for Fantasmic.  And thus, a conundrum.  Which date do I choose?

August 17.  August 17th was the day I had originally chosen to see Fantasmic, but the fact that there is not a second show is really putting a damper on it.  It would mean we'd have to arrive at the theater around 7:30 pm for a 9 o'clock show.  Since this is the day we'd be arriving, we would essentially land at MCO, take Disney's Magical Express to our resort, check in, eat dinner, and go straight to Fantasmic.  There wouldn't be time for anything else.  On a positive note, however, since there are no other plans for that day, getting there and getting a seat would be relatively stress free, albeit likely very boring.  Also, if it's rained out like last time, there are four other shows later in the week.

August 19.  On the 19th, we would be seeing the second show at 10:30.  Unfortunately, that is also the day I had intended on seeing IllumiNations.  Which means there are two options, one of which is seeing IllumiNations, leaving Epcot quickly through the International Gateway, booking it over to Hollywood Studios, and hoping that the theater isn't full.  That's cutting it too close, and no one needs that stress on a vacation.  The second option is moving our IllumiNations viewing to another day (possibly our Animal Kingdom day, since we'll have dinner at Epcot that night... thinking out loud here...) and doing the second Fantasmic show on the 19th.

August 22.  This was the day I had originally planned Fantasmic before I knew that we would have park tickets for our first half day.  It is our Hollywood Studios day, but we'll likely only tour until mid afternoon, which leaves the evening open for anything, after our dinner at Boma, that is.  Seeing the second (10 o'clock) show doesn't put a damper on any plans, but it makes me nervous.  What if it's rained out like last time?  Then I will still have never seen Fantasmic.  I'm not sure if I want to take that risk.

So what do you think?  Which date would you choose?  Would you wait 90 minutes because it's the least risky?  Would you change your plans around just to see Fantasmic?  Or would you chance the last show on your trip and cross your fingers that it's not rained out?  Let me know what you would do in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!

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  1. It's possible to see the 2nd Fantasmic on 8/19 but you're going to have to rush and no guarnatees. 8/22 is the best candidate, although I understand your concern about a rain out. Best advice I can offer with that is some things you can control and others you can't. Look at the weather forecast the week you get down there but otherwise, give it a shot.

    If all else fails, you can see Fantasmic! during Reunion.....right? right? right? ;)

  2. No Reunion dude, but there is a possibility I'll be down for the first half of marathon weekend. Have some meets then?

  3. Dennis (dd_indy)July 21, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    How about seeing IllumiNations on August 17 and Fantasmic on August 19? IllumiNations starts at 9:30, so you'll have at least 30 minutes more to play with on arrival day. Plus you'd still have August 22 as a backup day.

  4. According to there is a second show August 17. At least that's what it looks like to me. I assume you're aware Toy Story Mania will be closed from August 16 - 28 which means a lot of people will leave the Studios earlier than usual because that leaves only Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror on many people's "must dos" as far as rides are concerned. The second show of the night should be lightly attended on any of those nights.

  5. Dennis, yeah, someone else suggested that to me. A very good idea indeed!

    Josh, ahh, I totally didn't know that! Thanks!

  6. Well, you helped me! I'm going during that time as well and I didn't know that there were second Fantasmic shows added to most dates. We're going for 2 full weeks, have 3 Universal days thrown into there, dining reservations,etc so it was a LOT of work to come up with a schedule haha. Originally I had planned to go to the studios on the 17th, but then we found out that Midway Mania is going to be closed from the 16th until the day after we go home (of course, just my luck), so we changed our plans, somehow was able to switch our sci-fi reservations to our first full day there (the 15th) and that's our current plan, which does have a second Fantasmic showing added yay! My boyfriend and his mom have only seen it once and it was waaayyy back in 2004 or something like that so it was important we fit it in, and having a second show is like bonus! Thanks for the wonderful news!

  7. Hooray! Yeah, Midway Mania closes the day before we arrive and reopens two days after we leave. Thanks, Disney.