Friday, July 2, 2010

Facing Opposition: You're Going to Disney Again?

I'm not even sure if I'll be able to go on a trip to Walt Disney World in January, but I'm already excited about certain things.  Hopefully being there for both my birthday and my boyfriend's, the awesome restaurants we hope to try, and the general fact that we will have been in Walt Disney World on two different trips within six months, a first for us.  That said, there's one thing I'm not excited about:  telling people.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like conflict.  I often try to call as little attention to myself as possible.  I don't like telling people things that they will think is weird.  And, unfortunately, some people think going to Walt Disney World twice in six months is weird.  Crazy, but true.

It's not strangers I'm worried about.  In fact, I would defend my decision blatantly to strangers who inquired.  It's people that I know.  For one, my boyfriend's parents.  My own parents and my boyfriend know the extent of my obsessive personality.  Heck, my boyfriend's even coming along for the ride, so obviously he doesn't protest.  But I'm dreading the day that we tell his parents that we've booked a return trip down to the World in such a short amount of time.  I mean they hardly understand why anyone would return at all, let alone past age 13.  They believe that no one needs to return to Disney until they have kids of their own.

Also, my friends.  Very few people that I know in person know I have a blog.  In fact, the number that do is certainly below five.  It will probably be easy to keep our January trip a secret, but I don't want to have to.  I want to think about it and talk about it and annoy my boyfriend about it until he never wants to hear the word "Disney" again.  But my friends will think it's weird, and I don't want to seem weird in front of my friends.  Then again, any friends who think you're weird and don't like you for it were never friends at all, were they?

How do you deal with the opposition.  How do you answer the question "you're going to Disney again?"  Let me know what you've had to deal with in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. I dealt with this exact problem before I moved to Florida. When I was in college, I started with the multi-year trips to WDW and I used to lie to my parents and tell them I was going with a friend, when in fact, I was going solo.

    The best way I've dealt with it is just to keep it to myself. If you aren't the type of person that likes the attention, then just let those who need to know (like your parents) and if they say something negative, remind them there are far worse places to go and you have fun with it.

  2. You should have to feel that you must justify or defend going to Disney World to friends or family. Everyone I know is aware of my Disney obsession. Every dental checkup, one of the first things my dentist asks is if I've bene to Disney or on a cruise recently.

    Now, if someone is going there regularly and their budget doesn't allow for it, a parent or friend may have a case for asking why they're going again. But if they can afford to go, then they should go and have a good time.

  3. Oops... That should have said "You should NOT have to feel"

  4. Why Yes I am. Are you?

  5. Scott, very true. Thanks!

    WDWOwner, great response!

  6. I often tell people who are less supportive of my Disney habit that I am going to Florida. I don't say where unless asked.

    As far as friends who are less than supportive, you are most certainly right, they really aren't your friends. (I'm learning this in my own ways currently right now.) What I've decided to do is with my friend now...I'll just keep mentioning Disney stuff. I hope that she'll end up realizing that it's a part of who I am. And hopefully, someday I can take her and let her know by showing her what it is that really gets to me about Disney.

    I hid my Disney obsession a lot around people, for the fear of them thinking I was weird...matter of fact, in some ways I'm still reserved about it...

    But I'm learning, it's who I am...and if people aren't ok with that...well...they can kiss my rear...:)


  7. Most of the people I know are alright about it... I'm currently planning a 2 week long Disney trip with my boyfriends mom, and while she doesn't understand my obsession she does love it there (and is the only "family" member I have who will buy me Disney items as presents). My parents think I'm nuts, but they also have fun while there and have come with me on all-adult trips (and my Dad has even defended my obsession from time to time when people ask when I'll "grow out of that Disney phase finally"). Oh, and my best friend goes about 5 times a year and makes many solo trips- she's even more obsessed than me! (My first trip was with her family and the enthusiasm caught on I guess).

    It's my extended family that has the problem. We all go on a big family trip to Orlando every year but my immediate family is about the only one that goes to Disney while there (usually just one or two days though). Some of them have been downright hostile to me and REALLY rude, and on this years trip my cousin's wife had me in tears even. It's definitely gotten to the point where I don't talk about it around them and change the subject when they ask me if I have any vacation plans coming up (or lie). I did get them all to come with me once, and they HATED it and it just added fuel to the fire. They're always asking "so what's changed since the LAST time you were there" in a sarcastic tone and then they all laugh and laugh. Ugh. I get it's not their thing, but they don't have to be mean about... frankly their vacations are boooooooring to me and I don't say it to their faces!

    Oh, and I just bought my first annual pass.... there are VERY few people I would tell that! haha. Especially since I live way out near Toronto, Ontario!

  8. Aww, Rikki, I'm so proud of you for learning to be okay with it! =)

    Aww, Angela, that's terrible that your extended family is so horrible about your trips. It's good that your closer family and friends understand, though. At least you have a support/defense system there.

  9. My husband is a pastor and we go to Disney every year. Some people have asked, "And how much do we pay you?" My husband just says, "Well, I have to go to a whole other world just to get away from you guys!" Of course, this is all in good fun, but has stopped people in our church from commenting on our Disney trips!

  10. Lol, awesome way to get them to stop!

  11. Both my husband & I are the "resident Disney experts" at our jobs. We have had annual passes for Disneyland forever & right now have the dual resort pass for both Dland & WDW. We make it plain that we love Disney (all aspects - not just the parks) & have a few Disney items in our offices - just for the fun of it.

    When people comment - we just tell them "we're big kids at heart" and when they ask why we would spend so much on Disney vacation, the typical answer is "We have no kids, so we're spending their inheritance on us" & just smile. Also, when asked why we're at Disneyland again for the 20th time in 6 months, we just tell them we hang out there, like the kids hang at the mall. Shop, people watch & occasionally go on rides...nearly always seeing people we know. (Passholders get to know other passholders.)

    Over the years, we're had many people ask us about cost,etc. They might come in the office looking kinda sheepish, like they're hiding something, but they want info & know we have it.

    They'll say that they're going to WDW, where should they stay, what is the price of tickets, etc...or how much they should budget to take the family to Disneyland for the day. There's plenty of people in our lives that don't understand the interest (obsession), but we just go on our merry way & don't let them bother us.

    I can't even imagine being so put down by your friends & family, that you can't even express the job of having your own blog about Disney.

    By the way, I wonder if our ability to be open about liking Disney is due to living 20 minutes from Disneyland. Disneyland is still a big deal in Southern Californa.

  12. oops, that should be JOY of having your own blog about Disney

  13. Janet, it's awesome that you could be so open about it. It might be because you live in California because it's a big deal for people to go to a Disney park up here. For most people, it's a once a year trip at the absolute most. The great majority go once or twice when their kids are little, and that's it.