Monday, June 14, 2010

Readers Weigh In: How to Save Money at Disney

Last Wednesday, I wrote an article about ways to find money to go to Disney.  Then on Friday, I wrote about ways to save money while at Disney.  So many of you had great suggestions about saving money that I thought I'd make a post compiling all your great advice.  So thanks to everyone who sent me money saving tips!  Here is what some of you said...

Eating Breakfast in Your Room...
"oatmeal packets for breakfast, pb&j's for lunch, and trail mix for snacks - saves TONS of $$$ (more for #wdw merchandise!)" - pixienancy on Twitter

"Eat breakfast in the room! Pop Tarts & Rice Krispie Treats work great! :)" - BeOurGuestMike on Twitter

"As do Little Debbie donuts :)" - bill_in_ma on Twitter

"We usually bring cereal & pop tarts & eat breakfast in our room each day (except last day then character bfst)" - mccato on Twitter

Bringing Your Own...
"bring your own water bottle! saves SO much money! the taste of the tap water has definitely improved :)" - pixienancy on Twitter

"Bringing drinks&snacks with you,HUGE savings.Also,purchasing a resort cup for free refills a must." - Purplexo67 on Twitter

"A great tip that a lot of people dont know about, is that disney lets you take food into the parks.
What I did on my recent trip was bring a plastic water bottle and a bunch of those little powdered drink packets. I never bought a drink or went thirsty. [...] Stopping at a grocery store and picking up snacks ahead of time and making sandwiches for lunch can really help you save cash." - Kim M in a comment

"If you might have poncho weather, go ahead and buy a cheaper one before you get there!" - revelinanna on Twitter

Number Crunching...
"I have saved money by signing up for the newsletters that Disney sends out with special offers (or just checking the site now and then when planning) as my dates got closer. Some people seem to find it annoying to be checking for discounts often instead of just booking and sticking to that, but I can't imagine why. Saving money is saving money!" -  Anna in a comment

"I also encourage people to do some number crunching when it comes to flying versus driving... I'm always surprised how much CHEAPER it is to drive" - Angela S in a comment

And More...
"Another tip I have is if you are staying on property, don't charge stuff to the room. Its easy to get carried away and not know how much you spend until you see that bill at the end of the trip. Ive always used my debit card so I can see each of my purchases on my phone every day and if I spend too much one day, I know to cut back the next." - Kim M in a comment

"If you are a lighter eater like me, don't hesitate to order off the kids' menu at counter service places. I've never been stopped and asked, "Is this actually for a child?"" -  Anna in a comment

And there you go!  Twelve tips from my lovely readers!  I tried to link back to their websites or Twitter accounts where possible.  Thanks so much, guys!  So what do you think of their tips?  Do you have any more?  Let me know in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!

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