Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disney in Your Every Day Life

To the left is a photo of some of the things I use to keep Disney in my every day life.  On my last trip in August, I became the proud owner of the adorable watch and ring in that picture.  And the watch came in the super cute Mickey box, too!  I wear the ring every day, and although the watch is somewhat water damaged (which I am so upset that I did), I wear it sometimes anyway.

There are plenty of ways to have Disney in your life!  See if you don't believe me!  But while Disney In My Life showcases how Disney can randomly appear, there are also ways to purposefully place Disney in your life.  For starters, you can wear Disney.  Like I showed with the ring and the watch, I wear Disney every day.  There are also Disney t-shirts, jackets, Crocs... if you can wear it, Disney has manufactured it. 

In addition, you can decorate with Disney.  Disney has lines of cooking supplies, bathroom accessories, bedding, etc.  Again, if you can decorate with it, Disney has manufactured it.  Or at least has put a big Mickey head on it!  Personally, I have my Minnie Mouse ears on my windowsill.  It's how I remind myself of Disney every day.  For the more intense (and, you know, those with your own houses), you can also display pin collections, Vinylmation, and framed pictures.  And for the less dramatic, there are plenty of items with more subtle hints of Disney.

Next, you can listen to Disney.  To listen, my method of choice is podcasts.  There are tons of Disney podcasts out there (WDW Today, Be Our Guest Podcast, and Betamouse are a few that I've reviewed on this blog), and once you find a few you like, it is very easy to become a loyal follower.  You can also listen to Disney related music on various online radio stations (Mouse World Radio and Magical Mouse Radio come to mind) or on your own iTunes if you own any Disney music.  And you can listen to Disney on basically any device, so Disney can go anywhere!

Finally, you can talk Disney.  Start a blog or comment on one.  Join Twitter and talk to the amazing community of Disney people.  Talk on forums, or talk on Facebook.  The social networks are endless, and the people are amazing.  You develop friendships, and you can take Disney to the next level.  Also, talk to your friends and family about Disney.  You might be surprised that they enjoy talking about it as well.

How do you keep Disney in your every day life?  Do you do any or all of the above?  Do you have any other ways?  Let me know in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. The internet is such a boon for Disney fans because there is so much to read, view or hear that is related to Disney in one facet or another. I think you mentioned some great options!

  2. I have fuzzy Mickey dice, an antenna topper, and a Tink magnet on my car.

  3. Amanda, I was going to post a picture of the ring I wear everyday. Then when I saw your picture I realized you have the same one as me! I love this ring because its very simple, but elegant, and very meanningful to me, reminding me of my first trip to WDW with my boyfriend. Every time I show my family, they comment on how pretty it is, before they realize it has mickey heads! I absolutely love it.

  4. Hedy, awesome! I wish my car had an external antennae.

    Kim, I love the ring! I saw a lady wearing it on the first bus we got on once we arrived at WDW last August, and luckily the bus was going to Downtown Disney. I made a beeline to World of Disney to find the ring lol!