Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: 'Ohana

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Do you like family fun?  Do you like to eat as much as you can and pay one price?  Do you, most importantly, love meat?  Then 'Ohana is the place for you!  'Ohana is a table service restaurant in the Polynesian Resort that serves family style.  The servers bring the various courses to your table, while you sit back, enjoy your family, and watch the kids in the restaurant (and some adults who are kids at heart) play.

When you are called to be seated, your host or hostess walks you around the restaurant and informs your party that everyone in 'Ohana is family, so all of the staff are your cousins.  It's this family feel that gets your dinner off to a great start.  Drink orders are taken, your individual plates are given (the non-skewered courses come large dishes for your whole party), and your first courses, bread and salad, are brought to your table.  The bread was delicious, and I didn't particularly dislike the salad.  If I remember correctly, the dressing was rather sweet, and I'm not a big fan of sweet salad dressings.  But the other members of my party enjoyed it.

Anyway, even if you don't like the salad, there are plenty more courses to come that will fill you right up.  The next things brought to your table are chicken wings, pork dumplings, noodles, and vegetables.  I can't exactly remember the order that these arrived in, but I do remember I liked them all.  I especially liked the noodles because they're lo mein style, and I love lo mein.  I believe I also really enjoyed the dumplings, but don't fill up too much yet!  The best part is up next!

The skewers!  Now it's time for the star of the dinner:  the meat.  The meat is brought out on skewers, and each cast member serving a skewer will come up to the table, explain what they're holding, tell which of the various dipping sauces go with it, and ask who would like some.  Anyone who chooses to have that type of meat will get it put right onto their plate from the skewer.  The meats served are shrimp, pork, steak, and turkey.  I don't really eat shrimp, but I had the other three meats, which were all delicious.  I remember especially liking the steak and turkey.

As if that's not enough, once everyone is done with their bread, salad, vegetables, noodles, dumplings, chicken wings, pork, shrimp, turkey, and steak (and wondering if they'll have to be rolled out of the resort or if the chef will just let them sleep in the restaurant tonight) the grand finale arrives: the (possibly famous?) 'Ohana bread pudding.

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If you're wise, you'll leave room for this delicious dessert.  I can say nothing about it except that it is a fantastic end to a wonderful, extremely filling dinner.  You will definitely leave the restaurant feeling satisfied, though I must warn you that you may end up scrapping your plans to watch the Electrical Water Pageant so you can go back to your resort and lay down for a while (or maybe that was just us).

Overall, if you believe that all the food I just listed is worth a price of $30.99 per person ($14.99 for children), then definitely check out 'Ohana.  All of the food I tried was very good, and this is a great value if you're a big eater.  And if you come for breakfast, you'll be joined by Lilo and Stitch!  Now how can you beat that?

So what do you think?  Love 'Ohana?  Hate it?  Do you prefer breakfast or dinner?  I'd like to hear your thoughts in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or a Facebook comment! 


  1. I've been only once, and it was at least five years ago. I liked it well enough, although I barely remember anything. AJ on the Disney food blog has said that it seems to have slipped a little, but that it's still very good. Sounds like I should make a trip back!

  2. You should! I've heard the same about it slipping, but I'd never been there before 2009, and I liked it!