Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hooray!  Thanks to the awesome Jeff Chaney, who let me know about an amazing discount code on Go Daddy, I have bought a domain name!  Now you can find the Disney College Blog at disneycollegeblog.com!  Woot!

Unfortunately, all comments that were written before the switch over to disneycollegeblog.com have mysteriously disappeared on all posts, but Google says that they'll be back, hopefully within 24 hours.  So don't freak out if your past comments are gone.  Plus, I tested it, and any comments made after the switch will appear immediately.

So yay, but sorry about the inconvenience of the comment thing.  Hopefully that'll sort itself out soon!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Pixie Dust your way to get it through to google reader seamlessly as possible.


  2. Woot, you're welcome, Jeff. And thanks for the pixie dust because it seems to have worked!

    Lol, don't freak out, Cliff. They should be back soon!

    Anna, yay! =)

  3. i haven't changed the setting in my google reader, and it's still taking me to the right place. the reader even has the new post.