Friday, May 28, 2010

Character Meet and Greets: Can You Be Too Old?

Here is a picture of my sister and I (I'm the older one) eating breakfast with Meeko.  I'm around four in this picture, and as you can tell, I'm very happy to be meeting the characters from my favorite movies.  Now that I'm in college, looking back on this picture makes me wonder if there's ever an age where you're too old to hang out with the characters. 

In my opinion, there isn't.  My boyfriend and I are both in college, yet we're going to be eating breakfast with the princesses one morning on our next trip (I may or may not have bribed him - princesses aren't exactly his thing).  I'm also thinking about checking out Crystal Palace on a future trip because I've heard so many good things about it.  And the people that talk about loving Crystal Palace don't necessarily have kids.  Adults are definitely welcome at character meals, and many choose to enjoy them even if they're not with children.

So what about your regular meet and greets?  Is it weird for a couple, a group of friends, or even an adult going solo to wait on line to meet a character?  I hope it's not because if I see a character I love, I'm going up for a picture.  I don't think that just because someone is an "adult," they shouldn't be allowed to be a kid at heart.  It's Disney... everyone should be a kid.

So I'm going to look forward to my princess breakfast.  I'm going to buy my autograph book.  And if I see a character I love, I'm not going to hesitate to act like I'm four years old meeting Meeko for the first time (okay, not EXACTLY like I'm four, but you know what I mean).  Plus autographs are a cool, cheap thing to collect (just buy the autograph book and a pen, and you're good), and I think I might try to get a bunch.  They even make awesome souvenirs.

Now I want to know what you think.  Does meeting the characters have an age limit?  Is it weird for adults to go to character meals or wait on line at meet and greets if they don't have kids?  Or should everyone be a kid at heart and meet the heck out of those characters?  Tell me your opinion in a comment, a tweet (@discollegeblog), or on Facebook!


  1. For character meets, I LOVE the character meals. We always do the Minnie Breakfast when we take the kids to Disneyland and I will say that its as much for them as it is my wife and I. My biggest thrill on my last trip was taking a picture with the Queen of Hearts. I'd never met her before. Now I've never gone without my kids, well in a long time anyhow, so I'm not sure what someone without kids would feel, but to me its awesome and I'm a 32 yr old dude.

  2. That's awesome! August will be my first character meal since I was four, so I'm super excited!

  3. Cute picture!

    I usually have something else to do in the parks, so I don't stay in line for them. That being said, if there is no line, I'll grab a pic with a character. I do go to character meals.

    My avatar, which I can't get to show up here, is of me, my sister, and painter goofy at what was then MGM studios. He was just hanging around in that corridor leading from the backlot exit to what is now near tsmm. We've not been into the autograph thing, but we love pictures. That same trip, there was a character caravan in epcot, so we collected a bunch of pics then too as there was no line.

    Interestingly enough, the characters have always paid attention to me at the character meals at wdw, but at the character breakfast in paradise pier at disneyland resort California, they ignored me. I found that disappointing.

    And finally, the top-7 must sees show's hosts kryssa and Stacy did all sorts of things with the characters.

  4. Lol, thanks! I'm glad that the characters paid attention to you, since that's the only thing I'm worried about the princess breakfast. That's weird about Disneyland, though. Maybe just an odd day?

  5. Don't worry; they'll pay attention to you. I've never had a character ignore me at wdw. And you should ask Henry and Fred about their time standing in line to see aurora last December.

  6. I LOVE character meet ups and characters :)

  7. It is totally cool to meet the characters as an adult. Everybody does it. Even people that arent really in to characters smile when the characters interact with them. Have a great time.

  8. We interact with the characters with and without the kids around. You never know where you will find some magic. We have this great picture of the two of us with Marie outside the France pavilion in Epcot on our 20th anniversary trip last November.

  9. Yay, I'm glad that everyone seems to agree! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to princess breakfast!

  10. My wife and I took a anniversary trip w/out the kids this year and there were certain characters that we wanted to meet and so we did. They are there just as much for the adults as the children. I myself got the biggest kick of meeting the Star Wars Characters than I did the regular Disney characters. Have fun.

  11. Ooh, I bet my boyfriend would love the Star Wars characters. Are they out even when it's not Star Wars Weekends?

  12. Either one or two problems I can see people having:

    1) I think that to hang and pose with characters at meals or even meet and greets you need to be comfortable in your own skin first.

    2) They have to be characters you want to be with.

    I've done the Hot Dog Dance at Hollywood & Vine, so clearly I've got no real problems there :)

    (sheesh Blogger doesn't use Gravatar)

  13. Amanda,
    a lot of times during the day you can meet & greet Darth Vader & 2 Storm Troopers outside of Star Tours in Hollywood Studios during various times of the day.

    By the way I went to my first Character Meal last August and loved it! I have been to about 5 more since an they are my new favorite thing to do and I am 42 years old! I also love getting my picture taken with characters! You are never too old to be a kid again! :-)
    Keep Dreaming Big!
    Marc Lorenzo

  14. We went to a character meal on a Disney Cruise.

  15. Todd, I definitely agree with both of your points! And I satisfy both conditions also!

    Marc, thanks for the Star Wars character info! And it's awesome that you love the character meals now!

    Samantha, oh yeah. So when I was ten.

  16. Here's my 2 cents on the debate:

    Meeting a Disney Character with no kiddos in tow is completely OK! There's no age limit to seeing Mickey and friends as well as taking pictures with them. As Walt Disney said, "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." I even wrote a HubPages Hub on the issue!