Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Poncho or not to Poncho?

In central Florida, rain is pretty hard to avoid.  But luckily, the rain can be an awesome time to tour the parks!  Lines, especially for outdoor rides, get shorter because many people leave or search for cover (like on Maelstrom about five minutes after it starts raining... I learned that the hard way).  The question is, do you brave the elements or choose to wear a poncho?

Ponchos are kind of silly looking, and if you buy them on Disney property, they can cost you a pretty penny.  They do keep you dry, however, and if you think ahead of time, you can buy a poncho at home for a fraction of the price.  Which makes me wonder... I plan to go down to the World in August, a time notorious for afternoon rain showers.  Last year, most of the time we were back at the room for a break during the showers, and once we were in dinner.  But this year, should I bring a poncho?

Ponchos serve more than one purpose.  In addition to the rain, you can also wear them on water rides, so you don't have to walk in squishy sneakers all day.  And honestly, you really can't beat the rain protection and the fact that it probably would be way more fun to walk through parks in a nice plastic covering than without one.  But I'm not sure I can get over the silly factor.

Which leads me to asking you, my readers, for your advice.  Do you wear ponchos?  If so, do you buy them before hand or on property?  Do you ignore how silly they look for the rain protection?  Should I use one on my trip in August?  My sogginess, or lack thereof, is in your hands.

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  1. We usually buy a poncho at WDW if it is raining really bad, because if it rips while we are there for the day, Disney will usually replace it. Most of the time we just wait out the rain at a long attraction or in a store hoping that it is a short rain.

  2. Ooh, that's a really great tip! Do you (or does anyone) know if they check your receipt to see if you bought it that day, or will they replace it if it rips a few days later?