Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spotlight: Disney's All-Star Music

Sometimes the value resorts at Walt Disney World get a bad rap.  I mean, I'd love to stay at the Beach Club or Polynesian as much as the next person, but you really can't beat the values for...well... their value!  Saving money is especially important as a college student, so on a trip down to the World, students should definitely consider the values.  As for today, I want to talk about Disney's All-Star Music!

The All-Star Music consists of ten buildings, much like the other two All-Star resorts.  At Music, these buildings are separated into five themes:  calypso, jazz, Broadway, rock, and country.  These themes are demonstrated through large icons on each of the buildings, guitars or maracas for example.  Personally, I think the icons are fun and give the resort a bright, exciting feeling.

As in all value resorts, you enter your room from an outside hallway, and the banisters around the upper floors are themed as well.  Inside the rooms, there are usually two double beds, but there are some rooms with king sized beds designed for guests with disabilities.  There are also family suites that can sleep up to six (the regular rooms sleep up to four).  The family suites include one bedroom with a queen sized bed, two bathrooms, a small kitchenette, and enough space in the main room on pull-out couches and chairs to sleep an additional four people.  I have stayed in a family suite at the All-Star Music, and I have to say that although the pull-out couch and chairs aren't particularly comfortable, they aren't particularly uncomfortable either.  I probably wouldn't suggest one if you had a bad back, but if your vertebrae are in good condition, why not stay at a family suite to save some money?

On to the food court!  The food court is, well, what you would expect for a food court.  This is no signature dining experience, but hey, it's relatively cheap and pretty good compared to college food!  In all reality, I really enjoyed the food court at All-Star Music.  For breakfast, they serve any combination of eggs, waffles, bacon, and sausage you can imagine, and there are pretty extensive selections for lunch and dinner.  These range from quesadillas to roast turkey to a chili cheese hot dog, and the prices are relatively low - from $6 to $10 for an entree.  I though the quality of food was good, and I enjoyed eating there throughout my stays at the resort.  Plus the large variety means you never get bored!

Now the best part of Disney's All-Star Music Resort:  the price.  You can stay at this resort for as low at $82 in value seasons, and these value seasons often correspond with college breaks (though not spring breaks).  This resort is great for college students (or anyone really) on a budget and people who don't plan on spending much time at the resort.  But even if you do plan on spending time at the All-Star Music, there are two pools, an arcade, and a place to shop!  Bus service to other resorts is overall good, but there can be bad experiences (as with Disney transportation at any resort).  Overall, I think the All-Star Music is a great resort to stay at, and I highly recommend it!

First photo from Disney.


  1. I really like the Values! My favorite is probably POP though, since none of the buses have to be shared.

  2. I only had one problem with the buses at ASMu (and Pop never got a bus either... we were all waiting at Downtown Disney forEVER), and they were very rarely shared. But I do see how that could be an advantage at Pop. I'd love to stay at Pop one day too!