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Review: Yak and Yeti

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Unfortunately, Disney's Animal Kingdom doesn't have a very large selection of table service restaurants.  Those options are even more limited if you're on the dining plan; you either have the choice of Tusker House or Yak and Yeti.  Since you already know that this review is about Yak and Yeti, let me start with a little back story.

After a string of interesting situations, the group I was with last August ended up with two extra table service credits on our last full day.  This day was our Animal Kingdom day, and we already had reservations for dinner.  Therefore, my boyfriend and I decided to try a table service lunch in the park.  The night before, I scoured the online ADR (advance dining reservation) system for a lunch reservation at a decent time for either sit-down restaurant in the Animal Kingdom, but I had no luck.  However, we decided to try to walk-up to Yak and Yeti to see what would happen.  Surprisingly to us, they seated us within ten minutes.

Now on to the review.  I have to say, one of the most memorable things about Yak and Yeti was the air conditioning.  You see, it turns out if you go straight to Kali River Rapids when the park opens, no one else is as crazy as you are, and you get to ride three times without getting off.  And it also turns out that in the August humidity, you don't dry in the three hours between riding and your indoor lunch.  And in the August heat, Disney does not skimp on the air conditioning.  We froze half to death.  Now a disclaimer here is that the air conditioner was probably set to a reasonable amount that would have left any normal person feeling comfortable, but for us, well, our food couldn't come fast enough.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I did not order appetizers since we were on the dining plan, so we went right to the main course.  I ordered chicken lo mein, and my boyfriend ordered sweet and sour pork (we think... he can't remember exactly, so it may have been chicken) with brown rice.  Though eating kept us warm, I have to say that the food was just average.  It might be because I'm used to the kind of Chinese food that we have in New York, but I didn't think that the entree was particularly fantastic.  It was fine because we had the table service credits to use, but it's not somewhere I'd run back to.  I would definitely like to try Tusker House before returning to Yak and Yeti.

The dessert, however, was great.  We ordered the chocolate brownie sundae for two, and I loooove brownie sundaes.  The menu on (I'll link to it at the bottom of this post) says that the sundae contained brownies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, and whipped cream, but I'm not sure I even looked at it before diving in.  I really, really enjoyed it.  One interesting thing to note is that though it doesn't cost much more than any other dessert, the fact that it's "for two" means that it counts as two desserts if you're on the dining plan.  So one person wouldn't be able to order the sundae for just themselves unless there was someone else in the party who didn't want a dessert.  The sundae did come with two spoons, though, so it was easy to share.

Overall, I thought our experience was good but not great.  If you just want the food, you might want to consider the quick service portion of this restaurant.  There, you can get similar options at a better price.  If you want the sundae however (and I highly recommend it), you'll have to go inside.  Click here for the regular menu, here for the kids menu, and here for the quick service menu on

Now I'd like to hear from you!  Do you like the table service portion of Yak and Yeti, or do you prefer the quick service?  Do you prefer Tusker House?  Don't eat at the Animal Kingdom at all?  Leave a comment below, find me on Twitter (@discollegeblog), or let me know on Facebook!

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  1. We enjoyed our table service meal at The yak and The Yeti on April 4th(if it matters, we were not on a dining plan). We ordered appetizers, the Seared Ahi and the Potstickers, both were good. My husband for his entree ordered the Won Ton soup (he loved it)and the Shrimp Lo Mein (he said it was ok). My eldest ordered the ribs she enjoyed them but was not expecting the spicy chinese style ribs. I ordered the Bourbon Chicken which everyone at the table quickly devoured for me. My youngest ordered chicken strips from the kids menu and they were kid menu type chicken strips. We didn't order dessert (now I wish we had) But really enjoyed the Cherry/Lime Sprite drink they have.

  2. It sounds like you had a good meal. That's awesome. I wonder if it was just the lo mein that was only okay. Next time I'd definitely like to try the potstickers, and I'd probably try the ribs also.

  3. We eat at Yak & Yeti on the average of once every trip (sometimes twice). We've gone when they start serving lunch & never had to wait more then about 10 minutes, we've gone about the time dinner is over & got seated with a wait, and we've gone with reservations.

    I get the ribs & I've never had rib meat fall off the bone EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    The meat is tender & delicious & you can basically eat it with a fork. The fried wonton noodles are great too...better then snacking on fries or chips anytime.

    My husband loves the WonTon soup & makes sure he gets that besides whatever he decides he wants to eat.

    Dessert? Who has room?????