Friday, April 2, 2010

Check it out: Betamouse podcast

So I was hoping that I could have various reviews on this blog for things that college students might find interesting.  That by no means is to say that the things I review are only for college students or even for college students primarily.  They're just things that college students may enjoy.

SO my first review ever will be the podcast that inspired me to find my "niche" and start this blog:  Betamouse.

Betamouse is a podcast that is, as they describe themselves, "the geekiest Disney podcast on the planet."  It's a podcast that focuses on Disney and technology.  For example, they had one episode on the Disney World website, one on the use of technology in the Kim Possible Experience in Epcot, and one on bringing laptops to Disney World.  They really cover a lot of different aspects of technology which makes it really cool and different.  And totally interesting if you're into both Disney and technology.

The hosts of the podcast are Henry, Jeff, Nate, Scott, and Katie, all of whom are awesome, interesting, and funny.  They all have their different areas of specific interest and yet all contribute awesomely to each episode.  I really think that the hosts of a podcast really make it what it is, and I'm really pleased to say that the hosts of Betamouse are what podcast hosts should be like.  They're even fun to follow on Twitter!

New episodes of Betamouse are released weekly, and they're around 30-40 minutes long.  And even though the show's only up to nine episodes, it's awesome already!  So if you're interested in Disney and technology, check out or subscribe on iTunes.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!


  1. Dude, Amanda, so awesome. Thanks for listening, and congrats on starting the blog! Subscribed, for sure. Keep on rocking

  2. Thanks so much Amanda for the positive feedback! We certainly all have fun doing it and getting this kind of response is the icing on the cake! Keep up the great work on your new blog, it's in my Google Reader now! --Jeff

  3. Subscribed in my reader! It is awesome that you started blogging. Keep listening!


  4. So love the review Amanda. Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks so much for this and thanks for listening. Congrats on the blog and it HAS been added to my Google Reader!

  5. Yay! Thanks guys! I'm honored to be on your Google Readers. =)