Thursday, April 1, 2010

First post!

I've been looking for a good reason to blog because I've recently gotten really into the whole social networking/reading blogs thing.  But I could never really find anything to blog about.  However, upon listening to Betamouse (an awesome podcast that I'll review in the next post), I realized something about blogs:  you need a niche.  Every blog (and every podcast) has a niche.  Betamouse's niche is Disney and technology.  So I needed a niche.  Then I realized...  I am a niche.

Being in college and being a fan of Disney is a niche.  I mean yes, lots of people enjoy going to Disney World, and yes, lots of people love Disney stuff, and yes, lots of these people are in college.  But not many people are obsessed like I am.  And of those people, not many blog about it.

I tested this theory by Googling (or Topeka-ing if you're reading this on April 1, 2010) the words Disney and college together.  I couldn't find anything that didn't have to do with the Disney College Program.  (Disclaimer:  This blog is NOT about the Disney College Program.  If you are interested in it, that's awesome and go to to find out more about it.  But you will not find that kind of stuff on this blog.)  Thus I found my niche.

And thus the Disney College Blog was formed.

I hope that the Disney College Blog will be a place to talk about Disney (obviously) and how it can relate to college, ways to travel to Disney parks while in college, things college students in particular might enjoy about the Disney community, etc.  So I hope if you're reading this and you're interested, you'll come along for the ride with me!

Note:  I'm probably not going to make this blog too known until I get some posts under my belt and I get it looking all nice and pretty, but if you are reading this, I did make an account on Twitter.  I love Twitter.  And I'll probably be posting a lot because I have lots of random Disney thoughts to share and because I already added the account to TweetDeck.

So if you tweet, I am officially discollegeblog on Twitter!  Hooray!

And on that note, I'm off to read The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2010 and go to bed.  (Note to self:  Review Unofficial Guide on blog once done reading all 850 glorious pages.)

Next blog post: Betamouse review.


  1. Oh I love your blog theme! Very creative! I am also a college student that loves Disney. Specifically, the Disney Princesses. lol. I just started a blog myself and am excited to get started.

  2. Curious what everyone thinks of the highly anticipated book “Mousecatraz: The Disney College Program” Has anyone seen it on Amazon yet? I spotted it last week.