Friday, April 16, 2010

Disney Cruise Line Dooney & Bourke bags!

So I decided that I'm going to make my follow Friday posts every other Friday because otherwise I will run out of blogs to write about even more quickly than I would (I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but still).  Therefore, I wanted to talk about something different today.  I was thinking about talking about various Disney merchandise when something came up on the Disney Parks Blog that fell right in line with this:  new Disney Cruise Line Dooney & Bourke bags!

Image from the Disney Parks Blog

They are super cute, but unfortunately only available on Disney Cruises.  Right now, that means the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, but I'm crossing my fingers that they'll still be available when I go on the Disney Dream.  (I'm also crossing my fingers that I'll come across enough money to buy one.)

And speaking of Disney Dooney & Bourke bags, this line is arguably even cuter:
Image from ZannaLand

Somehow I never knew that this existed until today when I read about it on ZannaLand.  I am so in love with it now.  I don't even know if this line is still being sold, but I cannot get over how cute it is.  I wish I had the money to buy something like this!

So what do you think?  Do you own a Disney Dooney?  Do you wish you did?  Will you get the Disney Cruise version?  Or do you think that they're not a big deal?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Dooney and Bourke*

  2. Oops, thanks! Fixing that now.

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